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Portrait of a Rescue Cat from New York’s ACC

Portrait of a Rescue Cat from New York’s ACC

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Today’s Thursday hop post with Brian celebrates a life that has just passed, Meya Stark.

This frail little lady was pulled from New York’s ACC with the hope she could be nourished and rehomed. A task Place for Cats undertakes with diligence and pride.

May I present Meya Stark

Meya Stark from New York's ACC
RIP Meya Stark

Frustratingly, none of the vets Meya was taken to diagnosed her secret. Cancer of the sinus cavity. Mia Lancaster, the Director of PfC tended Meya with great care and the fact Meya lived for nearly six more months is a tribute to this.

You will find a full tribute to Meya on the Place for Cats blog. Please pay a visit if you have time. We will also add Meya to our In Memoriam thread on the blog soon.

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5 thoughts on “Portrait of a Rescue Cat from New York’s ACC”

  1. We’re so sad that sweetie didn’t make it but no doubt about it, she felt the love that she so deserved. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.


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