New Video Makers Start Here!

Hello! My name is Marjorie and I am the owner of Dash Kitten cat photography and smartphone video blog. 

If you are not sure where to look first, let me introduce you to some of the beginner friendly video posts.

I can help you take your first steps in smartphone movie making, build your skills and help you become a confident editor of your own movies for social media or family shares.

Marjorie and Silver the Tabby

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Smartphone Movie Making Will Not Drive You Crazy

Smartphone Moviemaker’s First Steps

Start movie making with more confidence after you check out my how-to posts. Build your skills, make an impact on social media, for a cat rescue or a blog sponsor!

  1. Movie Beginner Basics
    Five really useful things you need to know before you jump in and shoot a movie, including how to hold your phone, using sound and avoiding wobbly videos.
  2. Shoot The Perfect Cat Movie
    How to make your perfect cat movie. An exploration of key skills, equipment and social media sharing tips.
  3. Do I Need An Expensive Smartphone?
    Every smartphone with video capacity can make a movie. I have made movies in an iPhone 4S! Your smartphone WILL do the job here’s how.
  4. Create A Cat Adoption Video
    You volunteer for a rescue. You have a smartphone. Have you thought of helping by creating cat adoption videos?


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