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Hello from Marjorie at Dash Kitten ™

Welcome if you are a beginner or improving feline photographer. Here on my blog I share my experience, knowledge and skills to help you become a confident photographer and take photos of the cats you love. I encourage you to get creative with your software, equipment and apps too.

Take a look at my Photo and Movie Starter Pages or the Tips here on the front page.

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Tabby cat looking upwards
Cat Posing, Composition and Fun

Cat Photography Beginners

The best bundled blog posts to boost your skills as you learn about your camera or smartphone and how to take better cat photos.

Beginner Smartphone Movie Tips
Make a Cat Movie, Make a Fast Movie, Edit A Movie

Cat Smartphone Video Beginners

Take steps towards improving your smartphone movies. Start with my helpful guides to let your fur family shine while you have fun!


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