Peanut and Marjorie at Dash Kitten
Whskr and Peanut

  • Harvey’s Story Will Steal Your Heart
    My first ever short story, inspired by our Angel boy Harvey is published soon is an inspiring anthology. Find out more in this short post.
  • Wellington Zoo’s Baby Giraffe Nia
    Prepare to be enchanted by the sweetest baby giraffe at Wellington Zoo. Met Nia, petite, beautiful and a huge draw for the crowds.
  • Tongue Out Tuesday Snapshot Surprise
    What did I get up to at Wellington Zoo? I took a break from cat photography and managed to collect some amazing shots. Let me share one here!
  • How Do I Rescue an Old Photo?
    Older photographs are snatches of memory that can disappear so quickly. How can you rescue an image that risks fading away? You need to take action. Here’s what I did…
  • Snow Leopard Portrait
    Grabbing a cool shot of stunning Snow Leopards on a family-filled summer’s day almost didn’t work because of the big crowds but, see what you think of the couple I managed to get.
Tabby cat looking upwards
Cat Posing, Composition and Fun

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Beginner Smartphone Movie Tips
Make a Cat Movie, Make a Fast Movie, Edit A Movie

Cat Smartphone Video Beginners

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