Nerissa The Cat is Gone

‘Nissy’ as he was to his friends, was an utterly committed and fearless promoter of the rescue of cats at New York’s terrible “ACC”. With total and complete dedication he shared, day in and day out, week after week, the cats at risk there.

In Memoriam Riley My Best Friend

Hello Everyone, Silver here. I am writing this blog post because I just lost my best and most special friend, Riley. I gave him a Christmas gift and his mum and dad just came over to say he died in a traffic accident just before Santa came. He was rushed to the vet and was … Read more

Memorial Tree for Dash Kitten

Dash Kitten Memorial

When we booked our Tree Man do some heavy duty garden work, and plant a New Zealand native palm. It was not meant to be what it has become, a memorial for Dash Kitten. Our Tree Man rang up yesterday and requested that we bring forward our work as the weather anticipated on our previously … Read more