These treasured Dash Kitten memorials were created by friends around the world.

Dash died on 6th of September 2013 – he died too soon and was mourned by bloggers and Twitter followers around the world. He died in the first week of International Pet Blogging Month April 2013.  I keep a copy of the memorials created for him by friends – we are grateful for each one.

Dash Kitten Memorials

The consolation of these memorials is immense. Anyone who has suffered a sudden traumatic loss of a fur family member will know how important these are to our family.

Our first mission statement

Meet Dash Kitten – our history

Dash Kitten had a mission. I cannot bring myself to take it down. I present it here to honour our lost boy. The blog mission evolves but this initial statement lies close to my heart.

Dash’s Mission Statement :-

Hello everyone.  My name is Dash Kitten, (yeah I am grown up now, but Mum never broke the habit!) I moved over to WordPress from Blogger and am now settled in nicely thanks to the support of friends on Twitter and at Blogpaws®. I have micro-opthalmia but in spite of this manage to keep Mum on her toes and most of my siblings in line.  Younger sisfur Miranda writes our Shopping Saturday post – always worth a look for the variety of items her magpie mind discovers. 

I try to cover small technical items, animal action and things that affect the anipal community at large.  I have attended the Blogpawsconference as Flat Dash thanks to Twitter friend @Pumpkinpuddy and mum hopes to attend in person one day. The family lives at the centre of Middle Earth, also knows as New Zealand, and our nearest big town is Wellington.  This is a fabulous country and as a proud member of the #wlf I patrol, as an outside cat, my local area with diligence and care.