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Take a look at these quick start posts to boost your skills for your DSLR; Compact; and Smartphone cameras. With easy to learn basic skills you can create gorgeous, inspiring and fantastic images of your own and get creative in so many ways! Cat art, filters and perfect feline portraits. Start now!

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This page is your basecamp as you build your confidence and learn new skills at your own pace. Enjoy the journey, and enjoy taking great cat photos.

Adobe raw Raw DSLR Camera

Got a new DSLR?

Absolute Basics from how to hold your DSLR or mirrorless camera to taking your first pictures.

This CWA Award-Winning post is a great start.

New to Composition?

Tips to hit the sweet spot and to make your photos look stunning from the first shot to the last.

Compose your photos and watch them improve quickly!

Beginner Smartphone Movie Tips

Smartphone or Compact Camera?

Have a smartphone or compact camera? The skills here will boost your photo success. It embraces all three camera types

You don’t need an expensive camera to succeed.

Warm tones might provoe a bit extreme for your photographs

Is Black and White for You?

Think that black and white photography is for high art and high drama? Think again. It can transform your own photos and you will love black and white after you read this.

Print it. Here’s Why!

I take a look at the reasons why people need to print off images. There are some surprising reasons why you should, and why you need to.

Black Cat before Overlay is Added

Cat and Kitten Fosters take the best photos, here’s why

If you foster for a rescue, and you have a smartphone, your photos can be as good as a pro’s.

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