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My name is Marjorie Dawson. I am a cat photographer, smartphone movie enthusiast and tutor based in New Zealand. I have been a cat herder for many years and currently have a full house of perfect feline models ready to climb trees, sit in boxes and beg for treats.

My site Dash Kitten ™ shares the fun of taking and transforming photographs and developing smartphone movie projects like the adventures of our senior cat Dusty.

I believe that everyone can develop their talents a creative cat photographer or movie maker. I know that if I can go from confused newbie to photography award winner and you can tread the same positive learning path thanks to my NCALE* qualification and tutoring experience online and face-to-face with students.

I am a winner of the 2019 Kuykendall Image Award from the Cat Writers’ Association, and one of my first photographic portraits was featured in Great Britain’s national daily newspaper The Guardian. Selections of my smartphone movie tips appear on award winning cat site Katzenworld.

*National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education

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Close up photograph of a kitten. This shows how successful a prime lens can be.

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