I am proud of the achievements of Dash Kitten’s blog, especially since we began to focus on cat photography and helping cat lovers learn how to take better photos and make more artistic statements expressing their love for their companions.

2020 Cat Writers’ Association Awards

2020 was an excellent year for Dash Kitten with two major awards at the Cat Writers Association.

Muse Medallions 2020 with tuxedo cat

Kuykendall Image Award for Chenzou at the Cat Cafe.

Sponsored by the CWA, this award is presented for the outstanding “image” entry featuring cats.

The image can be a photograph, illustration, drawing, painting, or a piece of graphic art. This Award is selected by an independent judge outside the CWA.

CWA Muse® Medallion Winner Dot Roars

The Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) Muse Medallion is a sought-after acknowledgement of a cat creative’s skills in their chosen field. It is the highest award the Association can offer and is awarded to the best work created in a particular year.

Prize winning photograph of a tabby cat Dot Kitten

Other Blogging and Photography Awards

2020 Mono Black and White Photography Awards

Commended for – black and white portrait of ‘Chenzou the Cat’. The Mono Awards are New Zealand and Australia’s premier Black and White photography awards.

2019 CWA Photography Awards CWA Announcement

2019 CWA Awards

Two popular tutorials for photography beginners received CWA Certification. 

  1. The Beginners Guide to Taking Great Cat Photos,
  2. How to Succeed with Cat Close-up Photography
Nose to Nose BlogPaws Best Pet Video
Special Certificate 2015

2018 CWA Winner’s Certificates: 

  • 2018 Finalist in BlogPaws Best Cat Blog, Founders Award and Best Pet Blog Video
  • 2017 Finalist in the BlogPaws Best Pet Blog Video and Best Written Pet Blog Post (Sponsored)
  • 2015 BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Certificate of Excellence in a Collaborative Blogging Effort

The Content of Your Photos is More Important than the Camera You Use.