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The Windy Wellington Sign

Welcome to Windy Wellington!

The fabulous and fun windy Wellington sign is New Zealand’s version of the famous Hollywood sign. Like it’s Los Angeles twin, the most famous ad distinctive of Wellington’s signs is also perched high on a hill and visible from a distance. Both signs are distinctive, but I do think our sign is funnier than Hollywood’s!

The distinctive windy motif can be seen for miles across the bay!

Windy Wellington Sign
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The Wellington weather sign location has, in the past, supported other causes close to the heart of every Kiwi. The text displayed ‘ALL BLACKS’ when New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup, and was transformed into WELLYWOOD to celebrate the city and Weta’s movie contribution to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films.

Where is the Windy Wellington Sign?

The sign is located in the suburb of Miramar and sits near the top of the hill facing towards the airport.

It is a familiar landmark to travellers arriving in Wellington, or flying out.  It is just past the new ASB Sports Stadium on the right if you head to the airport by car.

The sign is visible from the city itself. As you look at the sign you can imagine how the famous winds that blow through Wellington sweep part of the sign away into the sky!  

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Windy Wellington Sign
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How Did They Decide On The Sign?

A competition was held to find a more permanent sign for the prominent Wellington hill. Lots of entries were submitted to celebrate one of the world’s windiest cities, some witty, some silly.

The current ‘Windy Wellington’ sign was a very popular choice and I link to the other choice a lot of people liked at the bottom of this post.

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You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!

10 thoughts on “The Windy Wellington Sign”

  1. That sign is great — very creative, for sure.

    SO happy to have you back, cone-free, Harvey! We love you, pal!

  2. I really like how the wind is blowing the end of that sign away. Looks neat. Someone is VERY creative, for sure.


  3. That’s great to see you back, Harvey ! We’re so happy you’re cone-free and healing well ! Purrs

  4. dood !!! grate ta see ewe bak N way mega happee yur cone free & bak ta livin large & in charge…sendin a few mor blessings frum R rockin pal frank yur way; sew ya can safe keep em~~~~ yur wellington sign iz prette awesum…iz de…. N …..spozed ta bee like that ore did an act shoo ull wind try N take it a way ! !!


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