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Austin at Catachresis

Our post today honours the blogging cat and his Mum who brought us to much pleasure and who both passed away recently. The affection for Austin and his mum is immense and his blog is greatly loved. Today’s post is from April 8th, 2016 and Austin’s blog can still be visited as it is on Blogger so has the blessing of not, so far, being deleted.

  1. The Cat Blogosphere noted Carolyn’s passing and, more recently that of Austin.
  2. Austin’s blog remains at Catachresis as it is on Blogger.

Please enjoy Austin’s interview from 2016

Where in the world are you?

The Staff and I live on an island off the tip of north-west Wales which is a country within the UK. The island is called Anglesey or Ynys Môn in Welsh.

It is very beautiful, but we get quite a lot of rain. I myself am Welsh born and bred, but The Staff is an immigrant from the suburbs of London in England! We communicate using Google translate which has an adequate Meow to Welsh to English dictionary.


 What is your favourite part of running your blog?

One of the best things is “meeting” so many other kitties from all over the world. Though most blogging kitties seem to be in the US and we know and love so many of them, it is always exciting when we come across a blogging kitty elsewhere and we always try to comment on their posts.

My most favourite thing about my blog is thinking of funny stuff to post. We are humour based, so rarely post about serious issues. There are plenty of other more worthy bloggers who do that very well and we try to highlight them by sharing on social media.

What kind of readership have you discovered enjoys your blog?

When I look at the stats page I am amazed at the variety of countries that make up blog visitors! Who knew that after the USA and the UK, Russia would provide most visitors? *note to self: double-check spam folders*

The people who come by and leave nice comments have become real good mates over the eight years we’ve been blogging. They are mostly pet bloggers but I do know friends and family of The Staff read and usually just snigger a bit and go away quietly, wondering?! 🙂

International Worldwide Pet Blogging Austin at Catachresis

What are the joys and challenges of International Worldwide Pet Blogging?

There is a certain kudos to being outside the US as there are less of us, so we might get more notice. Challenges? When there are real-time events, the time difference can be a big challenge! Also giveaways tend to be US and Canada based.

Will you suggest three of your favourite posts for our readers to discover more about you.

After eight years there is a lot to choose from, but here are three I’ve chosen that are fairly typical and hopefully quite funny 🙂

31 thoughts on “Austin at Catachresis”

  1. Oh Marjorie, what sad news indeed. May their memory be a blessing 💜. Carolyn and Austin were early followers of my blog. We enjoyed a rare camaraderie back then, the innocent golden age of blogging and blog hopping. I’d forgotten what Austin looked like and had to do a double take! He has identical markings to my Otto.

    • They touched my heart, which is why I republished the inter’mew’. Hearing they both had gone was a truly sad day.

  2. I did not know Austin and his mum, as I wasn’t getting around the cat blogging world much at that time. But I’m always sad to hear of cats and their bloggers being gone. The world needs cat bloggers! I’m glad to know their work is still there.

  3. We were very sad to hear that the dynamic duo of Austin and his Mom had both departed this world. They sure did bring joy to so many. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Congratulations on 600 posts! I love following Austin and his blog. He’s very funny plus I’m a sucker for a cat in a tuxedo. ?

  5. I’m a bit flushed because of all these lovely comments from my buddies. Thanks once again everyone and to you, Miranda, and your mom for featuring us this week x0x0x0x

  6. Austin we didn’t realise how famous you are until we read all your comments today and didn’t realise you lived on Anglesea so at least you may be able to sniff the fresh sea air unlike us who are stuck in the middle of England!

  7. Oh! My Cod!!! Austin is not only suave, debonair and a MARVELOUS dancer, but hes is one of my bestest furrends! Mes LOVES him and his staff to bits! Oh! And yous can’t forget about Tigger!!!
    Him and Tigger is quite a lot of fun. Mes LOVES to goes and vists them (virtually, via photoshop)!
    Oh Yes, me hardly posts and mes should because mes LOVES yous guys too!

  8. Congratulations on 600 posts! Here’s to 600 more — and beyond! 🙂

    We love our pal Austin. Thank you for featuring him!


  9. Oh, I love Austin and his Staff persons. He is handsome, debonaire, distinguished, well dressed and did I say handsome? He is friendly, sleek, suave, and did I say debonaire? Handsome!

  10. Great interview. We love Austin and his mum also, and they really brighten up the day with their wonderful humor.

  11. We love Austin. He and Mum Caro have terrific senses of humor and always amuse us. We consider him a good friend and appreciate you featuring him here. Concats on the 600th post. That’s a great milestone. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. Austin is one of our Best Furr-iends in the Cat Blogosphere. And sooooo handsome (that’s Trixie swooning again).
    His fame goes before him all over the world, even here in Jerusalem.
    We have learned so much from him, especially lots of interesting vocatabulary (mol).
    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi.

  13. Congrats on your 600th post! I wish I was going to be at Blog Paws to meet you. Nice to learn more about Austin.

  14. Hey there Austin! Your staff’s pals read your blog? EVER LUCKY. My peeps’s pals? I can count ’em on one paw, I am sure. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that I, Seville the Cat, have pals and that is for sure. purrs


  15. Austin is one cool Tuxedo Cat and Staff has a wonderful sense of funny. Love Austin’s blog and this has been a great post to read! Congratulations on your 600th post!

  16. We love Austin and his blog ! Yay for International Bloggers ! And concatulations on your 600th post ! Purrs

  17. Austin is the most clever mancat and very handsome as well. His typist is pretty good too

  18. I love Austin! And my human collaborated on a book with a rock music figure named Lemmy who grew up in Wales, so she was actually a little familiar with Anglesey (at least from stories) before seeing Austin’s blog!

  19. Austin is one of our favorite cat bloggers. We didn’t realize he lived on a island. Wow! That makes him an Island Cat, too!

  20. Oooh! Thank you Miranda, for featuring us as part of the world wide blogging initiative!! We are made up that you included us. I really enjoyed the interview, it was great fun!! I don’t know if I’ve said ConCats on being Blogpaws ambassadors! Kudos indeed …… AND ConCats also on reaching your 600th post! ??????

    • My mama is IN Austin. That’s Texas. Was Austin named after weird and wonderful Austin?
      He’s a great kitty.

      Love, Loulou

      • Hi Loulou, My Mum (The Staff) has been to Austin Texas – many many years ago – but no, I was named after a car as I was rescued from inside a car engine when I was a iddy biddy kitty!!

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