Dot Kitten Portrait Gallery

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Friday 1st of July was the Angelversary of our much loved noisy cat Dot Kitten so I want to celebrate a unique cat with a Dot Kitten portrait gallery of images.

Please let me know if the gallery does not display for you. I am including two beautiful graphics that were a gift from friends in the blogosphere when she crossed the Bridge and some of my favourite snapshots.

Dot Kitten came to us in 2007 and is named after the character on Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Sunday in the Park with George‘ musical who is called ‘Dot’. The musical entry on Wikipedia may look quite dry but the musical is one we enjoyed a lot. I was pleased to see that is is opening later in 2022 in London with a Hollywood star in the tittle role of George.

Sunday Selfie graphic
  • BTW Dash’s name came from the fact he never, ever, stopped moving!

Cat World Domination Day

Neutral blue blog banner with paw prints

Today is a major event for cats around the globe. It is Cat World Domination Day as launched by our friend SparkleCat and carried on by her successor, busy therapy cat and super model Summer.

Of course as cats rule the interwebs with cute looks and fuzzy paws, having our own day is only right so the Dash Kitten Crew decided that a pointer to a few of our cat photography posts would be helpful to make sure your cat looks absolutely perfect in your next photos.

Confidently Use Your Smartphone for Cat Photography

When I got my upgraded smartphone, an iPhone 12, I realised that there was a lot more to ‘phone photography than meets the eye. Find out more how to make more of your own smartphone in this helpful post. The tips work with Android and iOS phones.

Portrait mode snapshot of ginger cat

Get Your Smartphone Photos Organised

A guest post by an Instagram expert who will teach you a lot about keeping your collection of cat photos tidy and making your favourite cat photos so much easier to find.

Guess whose smartphone is much better organised now? Check it and join the (mostly) organised photographers.

Cat Lady Academy Promotion Graphic

Five Top Cat Photography Tips to Dazzle Your Friends

Finally, a post that has proved really popular. Not only is there a collection of some of my favourite cat photos but some cool tips on taking better photos without stressing yourself out.

Now, I guess you will want to head over to Summer’s house for the party. I heard she has prizes for US pals too. Have fun and Happy Cat World Domination Day.

The Cat Sat In Front Of The Computer

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This photo was another snatched moment, like all the best smartphone cat photos are. Not the cat sat on the mat but the cat sat in front of the computer! Thanks Thomas.

Sometimes a snapshot from real life is much more fun than a carefuly staged portrait it is genuine and fun. Thomas has a way to hold his head that melts the cat lover’s heart. You can see that he is sat in front of my Mac and you might notice the clutter of festive Post-It® notes and the stuffed New Zealand native animal the Tuatara.

I was preparing for a student’s literacy lesson and exploring the excellent learning sites at Starfall and when ‘someone’ decided he needed attention and sat in front of the computer. Work stopped for a while and cursors were played with.

Tuxedo cat sat in front of computer screen

Bonus Video of Cat Cursor Hunting

Just to prove Thomas is a keen cursor hunter! I posted a short video capture of his antics to Instagram. Because I am able to downoad the short video (Reel) I can share it here.

A Bonus Selfie

This weekend Great Britain is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Her Majesty has been on the throne of our country for 70 years and this is unprecedented. Of course most British people are very proud.

A four day Bank Holiday was announced and there has been a lot of coverage in the media, parties, beacons and celebrations.

  • The frame was pre-made and I was able to chose a photo and use the Canva Pro background remover so that I only had Jack himself in the frame.

The Dash Kitten Crew were all eager to be involved in the fun so I hunted through my Canva Pro account and discovered this splendid frame based on the flag of Great Britain. Jack was chosen being the one closest to the Queen in cat years wanted to be in today’s post.

Miranda and Silver can be seen on Facebook, and this short video from the BBC from the small island of Orkney far to the North of the British and Scottish mainland is lovely and so genuine.

Smartphone Resources

  1. Better Smartphone Photgraphy
  2. Making Cat Art

Instagram Alerts & Wrecked Cat Flap Selfies

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Today’s selfie may be the world’s first wrecked cat flap selfie and I am including some important information for any of our selfie pals who are on Instagram.

Why add an Instagram Alert?

There is a serious reason but first…. the wrecked cat flap selfie.

Wrecked cat flap image
Oh my CAT!

A wild yowling,

a CRASH…..

the clatter of a cat flap flying across the room……

Marjorie and Paul rushing into the living room alarmed at the racket! Cats (identities unknown..) disappearing in a flurry of fur and a flash and then……… Silence!

You can see the results in the photograph. The mending happened after the fractured cat flap was ‘repaired’ until we could buy another flap which we did the following day. The repair did not work ‘well’ but it kept the icy cold out. (Remember it is winter here at the moment.) After we installed the new cat flap it’s shiny clarity puzzled the cats, but they are OK now.

Instagram and Scammed Accounts

Why add this to such a fun post? I know several friends here have Instagram (IG) accounts and what I have to say is important.

  1. Ensure that the birthday on your IG account is YOUR OWN, not your cats. Our friend Keith the Cat Cow who has over 10,000 followers had his own birthday on his account (not his mom’s) and is fighting to get his account back because Instagram think he is too young. There is a lower age limit on IG, remember.
  2. Follow this account for solid and trustworthy advice Cats Against Hacking. They post regularly about what you need to do to keep safe. I trust them.
  3. Install two-factor identification on your IG account. Yes, do it now.
  4. Don’t click or trust any DM received including friends (they may not realise they have been hacked/scammed).
  5. Do not click or open any links including any friendly person offering to let you be an ‘influencer’ for them.

Now for the world premiere on our blog of the ‘Thomas refuses the Cat Flap’.

The Wrecked Cat Flap Selfie Movie

This Reel was posted to Instagram and clocked up over 4,000 in its first 24 hours. Obviously it hit a lot of funny bones even for a short upright smartphone movie!

OK Have a good week everyone and I hope Thomas made you giggle.