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Tuxedo Cat Portraits Have Real Drama in Monochrome

This is an update on an earlier post which showcased Teddy’s portrait in black and white. I wanted to add a couple more dramatic selfies and update you on how he is settling in to family life.

Teddy is now allowed the freedom of the house which means I have more opportunity to take better photographs. I am not sure what you think but using monochrome for his photographs is really effective, whether I use my DSLR or smartphone camera.

Triptych from Layout app.

I will add more photographs to this post and add it to the selfies from time to time so you can see his progress, as well as how I do with his portraits and, maybe in the future, action shots.

High Contrast Shot of Teddy – ISO 3200 f 4.5 1/400

Tuxedo Cat Portrait

Teddy is the blockiest squarest cat we have ever had. One piece of surprising news is that he weighs the same as our leggy tabby Toulouse! They visited the vet on the same day for their checkups and are the same weight, which surprised the humans! I can still lift him up and can groom him so I am hoping he will calm down and establish a place in the cat heirarchy and match the dignity of his portraits.

Tuxedo Cat Portrait  in Monochrome

Finally, our condolences to Ellen at 15Meowing on the loss of her beloved kitty Drake.

20 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cat Portraits Have Real Drama in Monochrome”

  1. Teddy is so darn handsome and I imagine having such a good looking subject makes the photo taking a lot of fun!

  2. Marjorie, your pictures in B&W are superb! What a nice guy he is too. Tuxedo’s are so naturally good for pictures but that doesnt mean people take good pictures of them. Yours are coffetable book perfect.

  3. Teddy sure is a handsome dude! He’s naughty?? Nah, couldn’t be… Hope you can get him to know the difference between good and bad so everyone will be a harmonious furmily:)

  4. Marvelous portrait of Teddy! It’s always taken us a long time to attain harmony when introducing new cats … It’s always worked out okay, eventually.

  5. Teddy is so handsome! I’m so glad he he is there with you, and that you all are being so patient and understanding about the integration process. 🙂


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