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Tuxedo Cat Portrait in Monochrome

Tuxedo Cat Portrait in Monochrome

I have been busy trying to integrate Teddy into the houshold and it is taking a long time. Being a chonky tuxedo he is a nice looking boy although he does need to be brushed much more often than the other members of the Dash Kitten Crew.

He is mostly well behaved but, at times, he can be a handful and we think he hasn’t got a clue how to behave in a family environment.

Teddy jumped on poor Jack in an unprovoked attack this morning that earned him a morning in isolation. This was a first as, usually, he is watched carefully while he learns to behave. He will be taught that chasing and jumping on the fur family is not a good idea, but, on the positive side, we are not putting a timetable on his integration into the family.

Tuxedo Cat Portrait

Teddy is the blockiest squarest cat we have ever had and he weighs much more than anyone else but you can’t see that in his photo here! I can still lift him up and I can groom him so I am hoping he will calm down and establish a place in the cat heirarchy and match the dignity of his portrait here.

Tuxedo Cat Portrait  in Monochrome

Marjorie Dawson

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14 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cat Portrait in Monochrome”

  1. Teddy sure is a handsome dude! He’s naughty?? Nah, couldn’t be… Hope you can get him to know the difference between good and bad so everyone will be a harmonious furmily:)

  2. Marvelous portrait of Teddy! It’s always taken us a long time to attain harmony when introducing new cats … It’s always worked out okay, eventually.

  3. Teddy is so handsome! I’m so glad he he is there with you, and that you all are being so patient and understanding about the integration process. 🙂


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