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Dash Kitten Cat Photography Receives CWA Awards

The results are in and the Cat Writers Association Certificates of Excellence have been announced.

I am proud to say that three of my cat portraits received Certificates and my series ‘Sam’s Journey‘ was awarded a Certificate for a Photograph Series.

This is the first time I have entered images in the series category, so it’s a proud moment for me at Dash Kitten. The other Series certificate was awarded to Kate Benjamin the wonderful woman behind Hauspanther so I am in the best company.

My Winning Photographs

Toulouse the artful tabby with soft focus background

Looking Up With Hope

Proud winner of a Cat Writers Assocation Certificate for 2021 this close-up cat photography is a favourite portrait I took of our tabby boy Toulouse.

I was a beginner with my zoom lens and so I was delighted to achieve a real level of sharpness and focus on his eye.

Photograph details: ISO 200 f3.5 1/400

Tabby Cat Stretch

The Big Stretch

This photo of Toulouse meant I had to get right down on the floor (and yes, I got dirty too). I loved capturing the brief time when he stretched, then he rolled over and the moment was gone.

You can see how I used the 55-250mm telephoto lens to focus on the middle distance and keep the background and foreground softly focused.

Photograph details ISO 200 f7.1 1/200

Ginger cat with a tooth missing yawns in the sunshine

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Another snatched moment that I could never hope to repeat.

I was laid down (I seem to do that a lot – right?) and focused on Jack from further away. My aim was to capture him enjoying the garden not long after he recovered from his dental surgery.

I got something a little better. Note the missing incisor!

Photograph details: ISP 200 f7.1 1/2000

Sam's first Portrait in his foster home

Sam’s Journey – Series Certificate

You may remember our family’s foster cat Sam. A beautiful but thin ginger youngster who spent time sheltering with us, before finding his forever home.

I submitted a series of photographs that told his story in a handful of pictures. I am so thrilled it was thought worthy of attention.

Photograph Details: ISO 1250 f4 1/180

Congratulations to Fellow CWA Members

I want to congratulate some of the awesome people I have been in touch with over the past year in the cat blogosphere. These people have been so inspirational and encouraging, and they continue to make blogging a pleasure. There are dozens more proud winners including authors, cat artists and cat poets and I hope to see them online at the virtual Awards Ceremony on 15th of October.

14 thoughts on “Dash Kitten Cat Photography Receives CWA Awards”

  1. I am hoping this comment “sticks” We do try to comment. Your photos are always wonderful and I love how excellently you capture each and every personality! Congratulations on your wins. They are well deserved. We are thankful for you! Sending Love, head bonks and whisker Kisses
    Marv and Mom

  2. Wow, how cool is that! You really do take wonderful and amazing pictures!!
    Congratulations on your COE awards!

    • I bet you and Mom are proud Ernie. Your mom takes fantastic photographs (and yes she has the perfect meowdel!)


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