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Capturing Cats: A Photography Project Collection

If you are a beginner cat photographer and looking for fun projects to improve your skills, you are in the right place. I have created a fun photography project collection that you can try. I began them a couple of years ago but they have been helpfully revised for you to enjoy in one place today.

These projects are designed to inspire you to explore new or different techniques while capturing your cat’s looks and peersonality. It doesn’t matter if you are using a professional DSLR or Mirrorless canera, or your favourite smartphone, I know that these projects will help you boost your photography confidence to create fantastic and artistic cat portraits.

You do not need to be a professional to succeed in taking great cat photographs with this photography project collection

The choice of project, and the time you take is up to you. Your cat will be the perfect model whichever project you start with. I am a cat photographer and you can be one too!

How to Create a Fun Cat Photo

A fun challenge for beginners using their cameras. How to create your own cat portrait and do it well. There are lots of easy photo suggestions and tips bundled together to make a fun challenge for you and your cat.

Nothing says ‘I am a Cat and Proud’ more than a cool portrait you took yourself. I help you find a good place to start, tell you how I took my own cat photographs (it might help) and how to try out taking an abstract cat photo. This works really well if you have an uncooperative meowdel you are trying to capture in a successful portrait.

A Tabby Cat on profile with a soft focus background in this photography project collection
Toulouse – DSLR portrait with bokeh

Creative Fantasy Filters Photos With Cats

You will have some fun with your cats and your camera and you don’t need expensive new equipment to do it. Compacts and DSLRs are welcome in this camera projectm and I spotlight some great ideas for smartphones too. You may need to download your photos to a computer or tablet via a cable, card or wifi to work at a bigger scale, if you want to, but this is also a fun smartphone project with inspiring ideas.

  • Filters in smartphone apps get better and better all the time, so explore some fun apps after you check out this post.
Smartphone photograph filter app changes a photograph into a drawing
Toulouse with a smartphone filter

Create Stunning Bokeh

What is bokeh? It is the lovely softness or blur that you can create, or add with a filter, to allow your cat’s face and figure to stand out from the background. It is one of the favourite photography effects every DSLR user enjoys. The effect is different from ‘soft focus’ which gives the whole photo a hazy blur. Wikipedia describes bokeh as “the quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image”.

The effect can be replicated by a compact or smartphone camera so it is within the grasp of every camera user. Enjoy the photo tips!

Portrait photograph of a tabby cat
Dot Kitten

Create A Fun Free Collage

One of the favourites in the photography project collection! There are lots of versatile apps that can help you create a collage so I went with the free version on Canva which will allow you to make something the size of a greetings card or a poster with just one template. This is aimed at the absolute beginner with few ideas about what to do and where to start, so give it a try.

My theme was Christmas for this post but the free backgrounds and decorations give you lots of scope to be creative. I included a short how-to video too.

A cat collage with a blue bokeh background

I hope you find a project you will try in this week’s post. If you have sany questions email me at thecrew AT dashkitten DOT com or comment below the post.

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7 thoughts on “Capturing Cats: A Photography Project Collection”

  1. I love all these ideas and a great challenge for beginners. I love that filter, how cool. It looks like art! And the collage idea using Canva is one of my “beginner” favs. Making a collage photo for the holidays is a great idea. I receive something similar last year from a friend with her cats and it was clever, crafty and funny just like her. These are great ways to express creativity and showcase you and your cat’s personality.

  2. I love that top portrait! So gorgeous!

    I do love playing with collages…and filters that give photos an artworks are super fun!

    Always great tips! Pinned on my Shutterbuggin’ board to share!

  3. Great tips for creating fun photos! I’ll have to try being more creative with Henry. The sketch photo of Toulouse is super enchanting!


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