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You Can’t See Me! The Grass Peeping Cat

Sometimes you can capture great joy in a simple image. Like our report on Puddy Tat the blind cat whose story I told recently. Another treasure I want to share is the grass peeping cat Toulouse.

We have several ornamental grasses in our garden and they are loved by the cats as a place to hide and leap out at other unsuspecting felines that pass by. Or, as is the case here, show off for my zoom lens!

cat playing in grass and looking upwards

I was pleased with this as the focus is in the middle distance with soft focus close to, and also in the far distance. This means the golden evening light shows Toulouse off perfectly. What do you think of his cheeky pose?

10 thoughts on “You Can’t See Me! The Grass Peeping Cat”

  1. Wow! At first I couldn’t tell what it was (I just got up and started visiting blogs and can’t see straight yet… lol). Ornamental grasses are wonderful and now we know another good reason for them! It’s is a fabulous photo. I love my zoom lens. You did a great job.

  2. It took a moment for us both to get to grips with Toulouse being upside down, then the penny clicked! Delightful and well composed.

  3. Nope, we can’t see him at all…LOL!!
    Maybe he was trying to find a mousie in there or a bug?


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