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The Amazing Cat Adventure

The Adventure began. Silver crossed the lawn and stood in the doorway to the garage, he held the rusty key in his paw. Where was the door this key fitted? It must be in here, the key was on Dash’s hook beside the cat flap.

OK I had better start looking…..

silver tabby cat walking on a path

The Adventure Starts…..

Hours and hours later, covered in dust, Silver leaned wearily against a large box beside the wall – he’d found nothing. Suddenly…… the box MOVED!  Puzzled, he pushed harder and discovered the box was on rollers! Woah!!! He pushed again and the box revealed a locked cat flap covered in thick dust and cobwebs….

Silver pushed the rusty key into the lock, would it fit, would it turn? It did! He nosed carefully the rusty old flap and his jaw dropped with astonishment – this was a library!  Silver nosed eagerly at the shelves and came across a desk. This was Dash’s research station! He leafed through complex looking plans, sketches of machines, a scribbled note about a pink ‘phone, and a locked box with a sticky note marked ‘Keep Away from Nissy’.

A silver tabby looks at a door

Silver pushed on

Exploring further into the darker reaches of the room until he came across a second almost invisible, cat door smothered in dust – he peered nervously through into the room beyond..……

Slowly the creaking cat door moved, like something in a dramatic old film he had seem on television, and Silver nosed into a second smaller room, this was a workshop! He has discover Dash’s inner sanctum where he, Savvy and Nissy had plotted adventures!

The Adventure AdventurCats picture

Moving forward Silver stood in front of a mysterious machine; half finished and with a set of pink leathe

r passenger seats still wrapped in their plastic beside it, ready to be fitted.  Was it a vehicle of some kind?  Suddenly, he turned, spinning on his pale paws – this needed help, the help only Dash’s travelling companions could provide, This needed Nerissa and Savannah.

Speeding back through the echoing library and into the house, he shook the cobwebs and dust off himself and, sitting down in front of Dash’s toaster began to write.

Picture of a library with lots of honey coloured shelves full of books

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16 thoughts on “The Amazing Cat Adventure”

  1. You had us on the edge of our paws, but after reading all three installments, we find this is still a cliff-hanger. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for the conclusion. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Oh boy, yay for adventures! Can’t wait for next issue, pals! *hoping there are some doggies in it too*

  3. I’m on it Silver…just waiting for Nissy to pick me up…*whispers…please Ceiling Cat don’t let those egg beaters from E-bay be duds*


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