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A Senior Cat Snoozes Safely in the Sun

Harvey is enjoying a senior cat selfie moment as it is summer here in New Zealand. He can snooze outside or simply stroll about enjoying the garden, while we enjoy the company of the Kitties Blue.

You may remember our Thursday post where Harvey enjoyed the breeze with Phoebe. I managed to grab my ‘proper’ camera this time and took a couple of sunny pictures of Harvey.

I was able to take a picture then zoom in for a closer look. You don’t see the kitty scratch post in the close up!

senior cat selfie

You can see Harvey snoozing in the shade by the fence. He is very relaxed. It takes a long time for him to lower his head and rest it on his paw, something like ten or fifteen minutes. When I see him like this I know he really feels safe and happy.

senior cat selfie

Dad Paul took this cat photo which is just so sweet!

senior cat selfie

Do know when your cat is feeling happy and content?

Happy Sunday everyone!

14 thoughts on “A Senior Cat Snoozes Safely in the Sun”

  1. Aww…that’s the sweetest Selfie pose I’ve seen today, miss Marjorie. Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead.

  2. Awww! Harvey is such a beautiful cat. And I gotta say, it is easy to tell when I am happy…I smile!

  3. Harvey sure looks like how I wish I was right now, ie nice and warm in a shady spot in a far and pleasant land. Around here it’s too much rain and damp to get comfortable MOL


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