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Meeting Social Media Friends TweetUp, New Zealand

It’s amazing how a surprise event or comment can lead to a meeting of Twitter, or other social media friends. One minute you are sat at home checking out social media the next minute…. Well, let me go back to the beginning.

Just over a week ago I was chatting on Twitter with some of the anipal, and teddy communities. Both of these have a very strong presence on Twitter and it is an important place for them to congregate.

A hug of bears visits Wellington, New Zealand, Travelodge
The hug visiting Wellington, New Zealand

Bear and Human Tweetup

Olly Ted’s friends, I discovered are not only travelling around New Zealand and enjoying some of our country, (as well as its trains and railways), they were in Wellington and asked if I wanted to meet up.

Portrait of a Teddy Bear in a bar. OllyTed the famous bear from Twitter
@OllyTed relaxeing’ at Leroys, Plimmer Steps, Wellington

I was really happy to get together and chat while they updated me on their amazing trip, bear news and also let me know about the bears, and Kevin, popular typist to @OllyTed and valet to @ToddyFur.

Kevin’s sudden passing was the cause of much sadness in the Twitter community but thankfully the family of bears is being well cared for.

TweetUp in Wellington

Snapshot of a small bear drinking from a very large glass
Theo enjoys a tall drink.

The photographs of Theo and OllyTed were taken using Av mode (‘aperture priority’) but because it was indoors and there was electric light I had to rethink my portraits! Light that is OK for humans isn’t always camera friendly so I used a very high ISO to get lots of light. My ISO was actually 6400.

While chatting, I got to check out the bears’ own cameras which are new mirrorless models. These are great fun with all the quality of a high quality DSLR without the weight of technology DSLR’s. I was impressed!

TweetUp in Wellington. Portrait by a window with teddy bears Taken with a smartphone.
Marjorie with the hug travelling New Zealand.

Finally, an awesome picture that I didn’t take! This is me and the hug (including a feline friend)! All of these bears are travelling New Zealand and you can see images of the trip on @TourGuideTed‘s Twitter timeline.

It’s fabulous to have a picture of me because I am usually the one taking the picture. I guess it’s a problem photographers get used to.

  • Did you know a host or collection of bears is known as a ‘hug‘?

9 thoughts on “Meeting Social Media Friends TweetUp, New Zealand”

  1. Just waiting for the final deets for my #Sydney Tweetup with @OllyTed & co!!!
    So glad you saw them 🙂
    WeK xx

  2. What a lot of fun to meet up with the bears, Hug. We learn so much blogging. Cool that this was a meet up from Twitter too. We have to start tweeting more.
    Great photo of you too

  3. That is so much fun! We are glad you got to meet up with your pals, and those bears are really cute!

  4. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves at the pub; was that special honeybeer for the bears?
    And, how wonderful that you all got to meet some long-time pals from across the globe. Great pictures and memories.


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