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My First Photograph in Print

I am thrilled to report that I have received a copy of the publicity material for Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe that shows my first photo in print. I am so excited. How did I manage this?

A Really Special Cat Portrait

We all know that taking photos is partly a matter of skill, and partly a splash of good luck – right place, right time, and even an expert will admit to grabbing a photo that was more luck than deliberate photo practice.

This precious image of Richelle Okada and ‘lady boss cat’ Tiger Lily was partly a lucky shot thanks to using ‘sport’ mode, and partly my remembering a couple of things as a cat photographer.

Ground or ‘cat level’ shots, and getting close means your cat photos stand a much greater chance of working. This works for dogs too!

A touching portrait of a cat lover and her cat. Loving demonstration of the cat lovers bond.
  • I mentioned this tip in my cat close-up post and it paid dividends with this picture.

The owners of Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe asked if they could use the image in their publicity brochure and I was happy to give them permission. I have received credit as the photographer too.

As you can imagine, I am thrilled my photograph is good enough to be in print alongside professional photographers’ work.

DashKitten image on the printed publicity for Neko Ngeru Cat Cafe

Taking a Successful Photo for Print

I will do a post on the requirements for submitting a photo to a print publication but briefly, this is what I did to ensure the picture was as print-ready as I could make it.

  • The photo is sharply in focus.
  • The resolution of the photo is very high.
  • The settings are ISO 3200 F 3.5 1/125
  • I made a few slight adjustments to lighten the picture as the background is very pale.
Black and white closeup photograph. Can you take a picture like this?

As I am becoming a big black and white photography fan I experimented with a cropped black and white version too.

Do you have a special image that captures the special human-animal bond?

23 thoughts on “My First Photograph in Print”

  1. Congratulations on getting a photo in print!!! I remember that feeling when Tomlyn purchased one of my photos for use in advertising. You are doing an amazing job with your photos!

  2. Oh my mouses, Marjorie… CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s a STUPENDOUS photo, for sure. It’s beautiful. I love it. You captured such emotion both on the part of the kitty and the human. GORGEOUS. purrs

  3. Beautiful photo. Yes, resolution, resolution, resolution. The more information a photo contains, the better it looks and the more adjustment can be done without compromising quality.

  4. Nice Post! How cool that your beautiful image was printed on a company brochure. What a special honor. It is really a nice naturally captured picture. Nice Job. (Ava, Dachshund Station)

  5. Congratulations and your photos always amaze me so am so happy that someone is using one of them and giving you credit, you deserve it

  6. Congratulations, Marjorie! It’s a beautiful photograph, and I’m thrilled that Neko Ngeru used it in their brochure. 🙂

  7. Love is beautiful in black and white AND color. Take that stupid people who think cats don’t care about us!

  8. I have to say both colour and B&W work really well, Colour for the brochure and B&W as the study in love and feline and human bonding.
    Great work, Marjorie, you really are getting very skilled at these shots, on the fly or not.


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