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Keep Cat Photos Organized On Your Smartphone

Keep Cat Photos Organized On Your Smartphone

Today I am excited to showcase a guest post that I hope you will love, especially if you are like me and have a lot of cat photos on your smartphone. Let me introduce Nikki Hess, cat mom to Manny the Halloween Cat and owner of Cat Lady Academy, an independent business that helps your cat’s Instagram account really shine. I saw her post on ‘organising photos’ and know that you will find this useful, especially if you have cat photo overwhelm.

Nikki Hess and Manny

It’s a purr-sistent problem for every cat owner: How can you keep all your cat photos and videos organized on your phone?

First, I have a confession to make: I currently have 55,998 photos and 2,320 videos of my celebrity cat Manny Halloween Cat on my iPhone. 

Go ahead and call me a crazy cat lady—I’ve earned that title, and I won’t be offended!

I adopted Manny from a local cat rescue in July 2017, and in that time I’ve learned a few things about staying as sane and organized as possible with all of these photos and videos.

I organize my content regularly 

At least twice a week, I organize any new photos and videos I’ve taken since the last time I organized them. (During times like October, when I’m taking a million Halloween photos since that’s Manny’s busiest season, it might increase to once a day or every other day.)

Many the Halloween Cat – All Images copyright © Nikki Hess

I create albums for photos and videos. 

For example, for Easter, I had an album called 2022 Easter. I have albums like Manny Tongue (for Tongue Out Tuesday posts), Manny Belly, and Manny Fang. If I work with a brand, I have an album for that brand. I have a Nikki with Manny album for all the photos of the two of us. 

Organizing this content into albums is the best way for me to stay organized and ensure that I can find the content I need, whether it’s days or even years later!

Pro tip: If you have more than one cat, you may want to consider creating albums for each—for example, Easter 2022 Fluffy, Easter 2022 Loki, and Easter 2022 Cats (with the latter featuring photos and videos that both cats are in together).

Manny The Halloween Cat says 'Listen Up'
Manny The Halloween Cat says ‘Listen Up’

I designate favorites

On the days I organize photos and videos, in addition to putting them in albums, I also designate certain ones as favorites. Those photos and videos are the BEST ones of Manny that I intend to post on Instagram soon.

I remove favorites, too

If I post one of the favorites photos on Manny’s Instagram, I usually unfavorite it. That helps keep my favorites from being too cluttered. 

However, if a Manny pic truly is a very favorite, I may still keep it in my favorites for easy reference. If I’m not sure whether I’ve posted it before on Instagram, I always review Manny’s Instagram by scrolling through his grid before I post to ensure I’m not posting a photo or video I originally posted a few weeks ago.

Delete, delete, delete 

Also, when I organize photos and videos, I delete what’s not needed—like those nine not-so-great photos I took in order to get the one good shot, or photos of cats I featured on feature accounts Manny’s involved in.

I tend to take a LOT more photos and videos than I actually need. That’s okay—that’s why I delete a lot of them! For a recent post that was a collaboration with a brand, I took 98 photos and videos, whittled that down to 47 by deleting what I felt was unusable—and then only used one video in the brand post! But now I have the rest of the content in the album with the brand’s name on it—since this particular partnership is ongoing, I now have content to use for next month, and it’s all well organized and ready to be posted.

Manny the Love Bug

I always back up my content 

Most importantly, I make sure all my photos and videos are backed up! I have an iPhone, so I back up my content to the iCloud. I also use Google Photos/Google One as a secondary backup. Even if I were to lose my phone, I wouldn’t lose Manny’s content.

I hope this strategy helps other cat photographers looking to keep their cat photos and videos well organized on their phone. It’s taken a few years for me to become this organized, but it’s truly been a lifesaver.

TOP TIPS AND ADVICE about running a cat Instagram account, visit the Cat Lady Academy Instagram.
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WEBSITE: catladyacademy.com for personal coaching and online resources to help you improve your cat’s Instagram account, work with brands, and more.
All images are copyright to Nicki Hess © Cat Lady Academy

13 thoughts on “Keep Cat Photos Organized On Your Smartphone”

  1. I am so guilty of not deleting dupes! I need too…I have 50,000 (no lie) pics on the cloud, and I’ve lost track of ones I have on disk and saved to other computers! I do create folders, but as a career photographer, I have so many versions I really need to take time and delete. I start off each year great, then between the phone and my laptop, it spirals out of control pretty fast. When I saw this post, I was like, Oh, I so need to do this! Pinning to share!

  2. Aww, Manny looks like such a love bug! What a cutie! I’m terrible at keeping my photos organized. My version of organizing my photos is categorizing Cat’s name+ Randoms + year or just labeling Randoms + Year. I need to do better at also deleting old photos and backing up more often. Thanks for sharing this guest post with these helpful tips!

  3. Although I’m great at organizing my photos taken with my DSLR, I am terrible at organizing my phone photos! These are great tips!

  4. Manny is such a cutie pie! There is something special about black cats. I think these are great tips! I am an Android user and my phone doesn’t allow you to easily create albums. However, what have started doing is adding hashtags using my cats’ names (#Manna or #Dexter). That allows me to search through my gallery and find just the photos that I added the hashtags to.
    -Purrs from your friends at http://www.PlayfulKitty.net

  5. Oh my! I definitely need to do this with all my photos, especially my Henry photos. I also need to delete the not-so-great photos. These are excellent tips! I just backed everything up last night. But they are not very organized. I’ll add this to my ever-growing to-do list. Organizing my photos would make my life a whole lot easier for sure. Thanks for this one, Nicki and Marjorie!

  6. Great tips for sure! I use my smartphone to take lots of pictures and videos of my two dogs. I usually move my media off my phone and organize it on my computer, mostly to avoid taking up all the space on my phone. I don’t know why I never thought about making different folders on my phone to organize stuff. I might have to try that!

  7. Great tips as always although I only take photos with my camera and have albums on my laptop where I save them and every two weeks do a back up. I cannot see when using my phone LOL so its easier with the camera.

  8. Good tips.

    I feel like I am a pet picture hoarder and I find it hard to delete stuff…esp of my angel furs. But then sometimes I too will cull out thew worst of the worst!

  9. Great tips! My phone tells me constantly that I’m running out of space, I go back and delete repetitious and bad shots …

  10. Good tips, it’s sure difficult with thousands of photos! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. A hard thing for many of us to do, but ever so wonderful when we do.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥


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