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Celebrating Cats Up Close: A Photo Gallery

Today is part of our Celebrating Cat Close-Ups this month here at Dash Kitten and I have inspiring contributions from cat bloggers and other members of the pet blogging community. Join us and the Kitties Blue.

Harry at Neko Ngeru Profile 2018
Harry © Smartphone Image from

Today features pets in profile

I have some wonderful full-face portraits to feature in the upcoming Pet Parade on Wednesday but people often forget that a pet does not need to face the camera for the image to catch the viewer’s eye.
Perfect Relaxed Profile from ©

Cat Profile Portraits

Your cat picture can be wide, or square or long. The orientation depends on what you want to do with the final image. Cat pictures to print on canvas or cards need to be higher resolution than most but don’t stress about high resolution for posting on a blog or social media.

This photograph of gracious Amber from Bionic Basil shows how you can use ‘portrait’ mode to take a lovely upright picture. The aqua throw and drape compliment her brilliant colouring perfectly allowing us to appreciate the intelligent profile.

Amber cat profile from Bionic Basil
(c) Amber from Bionic Basil Blog

Photographs can be taken in a rectangular or square format. Smartphones have an advantage as they also have a square option. You can concentrate on framing the shot to help your cat look awesome on Instagram. Other cameras need a helpful how-to tip.

To take a square image on a Compact or a DSLR:

  • Turn the camera on its side
  • Centre your cat (or pet) in the middle of the image
  • Crop the top and bottom to make a square

It’s a good work around for creating a square image if you need to.

Profiles are an effective way to catch personality. Beth Patterson of DailyDogTag uses a DSLR camera and has captured this cheeky bird shot. The focus is on the bright eye and vivid cheek feathers.

© DailyDogTag with a DSLR camera

Cute cat videos and pictures do not need to be sharp to capture personality. Some of the funniest memes and viral videos are wobbly, slightly blurry but they capture something immediate and fun.

A slightly fuzzy shot or one that was snatched with just a moment to spare can show as much of your pet as any formal professional pet portrait.

I love these from Amiable Cats blog. Geoffrey Hooker’s cat cute cat pictures show trust, playful fun and capture how beautiful an eye can be.

aimable cats blog
Parker taken with a Pantech Breeze © Amiable Cats

This closeup may not be pin sharp but it captures the intense look and personality of Parker. The contrast of black and white is almost abstract.

Tuxedo cat profile
Parker by © Geoffrey Hooker. A profile with no background clutter to distract

Pet profiles can be magic

I hope these have inspired you to try your own profit shots for the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue. See you at the hop!

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Cats Up Close: A Photo Gallery”

  1. So pretty close ups, mis Marjorie, and the little Falcon parakeet reminded Granny of her Valky that she had 40 years ago😿 Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

  2. Those are beautifyl close-ups, I nearly entered but as soon as I want to do a close-up, the cats are in no mood MOL!


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