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Happy Birthday Harvey

Saturday the 14th of September is Harvey’s Gotcher Day and also when we celebrate his birthday.

Harvey is a rescue and about 15 years old. He has stage 3 kidney disease and he is one of the most spoiled members of Dash Kitten’s family.

He knew Dash for several months before Dash was killed and Harvey is an inspiration to me when I feel low or overwhelmed. Coryelle Kramer said Harvey views his past traumas as ‘challenges’, he has overcome them and moved on. If he can survive tough times I feel I can too.

Harvey the Wizard
Harvey The Wizard – Ann Adamus

Happy Birthday Harvey

Join me in celebrating the love our boy Harvey brings to our family. He is courageous, loving and stubborn. He wakes me up at 4 a.m. because he is hungry and, of course, he gets fed.

I have a glass of water by the bed just for him and give him a drink from it before we go to sleep. He cuddles on cold nights, and has made so much progress from the times he was a bit frightened of Paul. He now allows Paul to stroke and brush him, which is fantastic.

Happy Birthday Harvey

Harvey also wants me to remind you that it is Meow like a Pirate Day on the 19th of September so please celebrate with us, he considers it part of his birthday (as if he needs an excuse). Harvey is ‘pirate ready’!

Harvey The Pirate

Have a good Sunday, cuddle your cats and remember there is always hope, and gentleness and laughter when you have a senior cat in your home.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harvey”

  1. Our comments never show up, so I am trying visiting by using Chrome instead of Safari. Harvey, you know I love you bunches and bunches and wish you the happiest of Gotcha and Birthdays. 🎂🎁 🎈Sending lots of kisses 💋. Love, Janet and Kitties Blue 💖
    p.s. Thanks for hopping with us.

  2. Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day, Harvey! I am so sorry I missed this…but we know you are so loved and we are glad you are doing so well at present.

  3. To one of, if not the MOST loved and special senior dudes out there today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & Happy Gotcha Day, too. Your pictures always make us smile, and bring so much warmth to our hearts.
    Birthday Purrs

  4. Happy birthday and happy gotcha day, Harvey! You are an awesome mancat and an inspiration to cats and humans everywhere. XO


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