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Make the Perfect Unboxing Video for Your Blog

Have you seen those unboxing videos on YouTube where a surprise box of your favourite products is unveiled bit by bit? Some of the presenters are crazy, some of the presenters are cool and plenty of people want to know how do you make the perfect unboxing video of your own? Let me share some cool tips to get your mind ticking over and your video making inspired!

What is Unboxing Anyway?

Unboxing videos why do people love them? Well I guess that it’s like Christmas every day as viewers watch a presenter unwrap a product and take it out of the box. They describe the product, the features and the excitement of discovering it for the first time – this excitement can sometimes be amazing to watch.

In the modern blogging world where ‘engagement’ matters and the ability to relate to the person and pet behind a blog is important, it is you that matters in every video presentation. Whether you are a small influencer or a big blogger, to your audience and readers your opinion makes a difference.

Light in an unboxing video
Practice, Position and Presentation

Unboxing is another approach to presenting information about a product on your blog. You might use these tips to present a single product, a monthly product box or a box of treasures you have received in a Christmas exchange.

So let’s make your videos and unboxings better. Grab your smartphone, your DSLR or GoPro and let’s go.

Prepare for Your Unboxing Video

People relate strongly to videos with a slightly homemade quality. It’s like watching Christmas presents being opened and the spontaneous ‘Ooohs’ and Aaaahs’ from the person who opens the gift. Be yourself, be natural.

The key, like anything that is going to make an impact and to generate attention, is preparation before you video an unboxing.

The following step-by-step tips will make sure your unboxing experience is a good one for your blog visitors.

  1. Look at your lighting
  2. Check your audio
  3. Practice your presentation

One of the best-kept secrets on TV is that ‘spontaneous’ events are often carefully rehearsed and timed so little can go wrong unexpectedly. A great unboxing video should appear spontaneous (even if you spend hours preparing).

Light for unboxing video

Look at your Lighting

Wherever you will be doing your unboxing, or any other kind of video presentation, facing a window is the quickest and cost-effective way to get going fast. Whether your videos are shot with smartphone, or video on a DSLR every video camera needs good light.

Clear Your Background

You do not need a fancy unboxing video studio, but you do need a plain uncluttered background for your presentation. This lets a viewer focus on you and your product.

Struggling to get rid of clutter? You have a few options.

If you are using a smartphone to shoot your video check to see if the app has a ‘green screen’ option. Another name for this is ‘chroma-key‘ You shoot with a plain background then add your own background later. More and more software is coming out with a green screen option.

  • iMovie for Mac (free)
  • Movavi Windows or Mac (trial version)
  • Do Ink for iPad and iPhone (paid)
  • Kinemaster Android (free trial then paid)

If you don’t want the technical hassle, invest in an inexpensive photographic background. If you, like me, you thought that backgrounds for your videos would be expensive, think again. Check out these from Amazon.

Since 2010, the number of YouTube clips with unboxing in the title has increased by 871%

Cognitive SEO

Check Your Audio

As a beginner video creative, you might concentrate so hard on how everything looks that you ‘make do’ with indifferent quality audio. Try to avoid this attitude if you can, because people will forgive slightly poorer video quality if they can hear you clearly.

  • You need clear sharp audio to get your message across.

Lapel microphones are now inexpensive and worth an investment if you find you enjoy making videos and appearing in front of the camera. A lapel microphone is discrete and, if your audience sees the microphone, it’s no big deal because these microphones are often seen on TV.

Your lapel microphone can also be used to add voiceovers later to any video you make.

Practice Your Presentation

You have good light, people can hear you. Now you want to start making your great unboxing video.

Whether you are in front of the camera or presenting from ‘behind’ the camera with just your hands visible use this checklist to keep you on track.

  • Practice what you want to say. Have a prompt list of points to guide you.
  • Focus and don’t go off-topic.
  • Identify yourself and your blog
  • Have any sponsor or company details ready to pass on to your audience.
  • Keep your first videos short.
  • Remember that you can add closeups later.
  • You need to keep the same tone, and spontaneous vibe throughout your video presentation.
Smartphone movies cat

Take Your Time Recording Your Video

I made my first screencast for a blog post and I was surprised at how long it took. I realised that this was because I was not used to articulating my ideas and thoughts out loud – a surprise but something every presenter needs to get used to. It’s not easy to speak natrually when you know you are recording yourself – you need to plan your thoughts.

Types of unboxing videos

The more you create different types of unboxing videos, the better you get.

What to people do videos about? I have seen crazy girls unboxing Harry Potter boxes, iPhone 8’s, expensive sneaks or maybe just dozens and dozens of boxes they have been sent! I just know that pet bloggers can do so much better that this.

Unboxing Videos Summary

Video of any kind adds a dimension to your blog whether you aim to monetise, or to increase your audience by hosting your video on YouTube. Unboxing videos are just one of the options available.

Adding video brings people a step further to you because they see and hear a real person they can relate to and, if your blog is pet-focused, they see the cats or dogs that are part of your blogging life.

Video might seem intimidating when you first start but if you are prepared to learn as you go, make mistakes and try everything you will have a lot of fun.

Anyone here up to making the perfect unboxing video for the Cat Lady Box?

21 thoughts on “Make the Perfect Unboxing Video for Your Blog”

  1. Aah, the famous unboxing videos. Lots of people do them. Many do them for ASMR purposes. It is fun to see what one gets in some of those monthly subscription boxes and things.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the lapel microphones. As a viewer, I appreciate it when the videographer knows what the products are and can offer a short explanation.

  3. Getting the cats to cooperate is the hard part. I know video is the wave of the future but I hate it. This is an easier way than actually being on camera though.

  4. Excellent tips! Preparation is so important to any presentation – even if it is recorded and edited. For me, the most difficult part of photos and video is getting my living room decluttered enough. I live in a small apartment that has only 1 closet for storage, so I have to hide things in other rooms when I bring out the camera.

  5. Good lighting and a good microphone definitely help make the best videos. Thanks for the tips! I am thinking of making a similar kind with Babu when we decorate our tiny Christmas tree this year.

  6. Nice, helpful post! It’s amazing how much difference good lighting and great sound make when doing videos. Great tips to help us when we do our unboxing, or any video really!

  7. These are great tips! I myself have never done a video before and I never actually looked into purchasing a microphone for better audio. I didn’t realize how affordable they actually are! Our house has plenty of great spots for natural light and I love using the accent wall in our dining room as a backdrop for photos – could use this for videos too. 🙂

  8. I made an unboxing video for a new cell phone I bought. I never uploaded it though, because, quite frankly, I did a horrible job with the video. It was fun to make, though!

  9. Wow, very nice post. I always struggle with the lighting in the house and finding the right backdrop. Filming or doing a photoshoot near a window helps for the lighting, but is sometimes too bright as well. Finding the balance can be frustrating. Thanks for the tips. (From Dachshund Station)

  10. Wow, this is such a cool post. Just think, Mrs H could do an unboxing video of the shopping, maybe my litter, too?
    Or was that not the sort of thing you meant 😉
    Seriously though, this is a great and informative post, and we look forwards to seeing more of your own unboxing vids at some point – like the cat tree one.

    • Thanks Erin, every blogger has to start somewhere and if an unboxing video works for you – it’s worth a try!

  11. I never really thought about doing these. My favorite backdrop is a sheet – though you have to be careful what color you use. I tried white and my pictures ended up too light. Plus, then the cats get to play with the backdrop and pull it down after you’re done 🙂

  12. Unboxing videos take a lot of thought and preparation! Thank you for the tips on how to do them right, Marjorie! 🙂


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