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Notice your once-fabulous cat tree is looking a bit worse for wear? The scratching posts, once the target of enthusiastic claws, are now a bit tattered at the edges. The platforms, your cat crew’s favorite launchpad to pounce on unsuspecting toys and fellow cat family, are sporting a worn look. It seems like it’s time to upgrade their feline fitness center.

If you are like me, you will be looking for something that might, with luck, last a lot longer even if it means budgeting to spend a little bit more than you expected. Let me show you the value of a slightly more expensive cat tree that could be perfect for you.

  • Please note this is NOT a sponsored post. We purchased cat steps from Beloved Pets in 2022 and love them.

Choosing Your Cat Tree

This is what I did when I began looking, and I recommend you do the same. Start with a plan because this tree will be with you for a long time.

Look at:

  • Your space
  • The size you might need
  • How the tree you like might look when set up in your home.

I checked online, and reviewed many models available. There are lots made in China but these are limited in style and size. I had a budget, slightly more than usual as this was part of my Christmas present, but set yourself a budget and try to stick to it.

I also visited our local pet supermarket to amek sure I got a good look at what was available. My loca store’s scratcher selection did not appeal so I kept looking. Many of the scratchers I looked at were plush carpet and would look out of place in our chaotic and busy cat filled house. Most importantly, none of them seemed tall enough to fit our very specific location. As you can see our living room hasa high ceiling.

  • Then I had a lightbulb moment. The local company that created Jack’s custom made senior cat steps, Beloved Pets, might be able to help.

It turns out that Beloved Pets don’t just make pet stairs and fine dog crate covers (that look gorgeous in any living room!) They make a large range of outdoor catio furniture and, exactly what I was looking for, a tall cat tree! Not only are they already trusted suppliers to Dash Kitten, they are a helpful and friendly company so I could ask questions without feeling silly.

If you are looking for a cat tree built to last, I suggest, wherever you are, you check out local craftspeople. Our tree was made to order for our 3 metre (9 ft approx) ceiling space.

What is in the Cat Tree Package?

You will find a sturdy base that the carpeted poles are attached to as you build the cat tree upwards. The base is plain wood and can be finished with a sealant that fits in with your decor [if this is something you need to take into account].

There are three broad, sturdy shelves that make comfortable perching spots and these are a popular look out point for our cat family. We have one low shelf positioned towards the window for Bird TV and the other shelf points into the living room. This second shelf is useful for watching out for first signs of supper and acts as a strong jumping off point for the cat bed on the next level up.

One thing I was worried about. Would the cats find the sleeping area too high to reach? It seemed very high to me and I thought it would take a long time for anyone to jump to it, but I was wrong. Our senior cat Sienna is more than happy to be queen of all she surveys by leaping up with total confidence to the cat ‘sleeping cup’. Not bad for a 15 year old.

Cat Tree Assembly

The tree fits together easily with strong metal rods connecting each section and the pillars screw neatly into place. For those who are unsure of assembly Beloved Pets email a clear set of instructions for you to follow. The instructions advise that you ensure the poles are firmly screwed into place, so cat dad strength came is useful here.

In fact, I would suggest that an extra pair of hands to assist with assembling the tree is helpful. This is especially important when you add the final ceiling brace, (which has a degree of flexibility to fit different ceiling heights). A second pair of eyes helped me get the cat tree straight and then Paul’s height allowed us to tap the ceiling brace upright into place with a hammer (as the interior spring of the brace is very strong).

Please note that the cat tree is a bit more flexible than you might be used to, simply because it is so tall! However, our cats fly up and down at speed and ignore the slight flex of the tree which you can see from the video. Toulouse leaps up to the top with total confidence.

View looking down at cat tree platforms from above

Who Was First To The Top of the Tree?

Our old cat tree was about 2 metres (6 ft. Approx.) and no-one ventured up high until Toulouse joined the Dash Kitten Crew about two years ago. Once he ventured right to the top others followed so, I was not surprised that he has been the first to scramble right to the top platform. After this I saw Thomas watching with a calculating look in his eye and knew he would venture up soon after.

If you a supporter of small businesses here in New Zealand or around the world, do not hesitate to explore the world of artisan pet furniture. You will find a community full of invention and creativity ready and able to help you with your own custom cat tree challenges, crate surround issues or wall platforms.

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