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A Cat Lovers Gift Guide Exclusive Worldwide Selection

A Cat Lovers Gift Guide Exclusive Worldwide Selection

Welcome to my gift guide for cat lovers. This gift guide began as a small one but has grown as more talented creatives have been discovered and it is now a comprehensive selection for your friends in your own country and friends around the world. The post is packed with tips and ideas to help you find the perfect and most thoughtful gift, wherever you are and whatever your budget.

I start with 2022’s most unusual gift then dive deep into small business creatives and larger sites with friends you will love to discover.


The Most Unusual Gift of 2022

I am starting out with something radical, maybe challenging and absolutely amazing. A computer game that in December 2022 won ‘Best Debut Indie’ at The Game Awards in Los Angeles.

To quote it’s webpage “Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set amidst the detailed, neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Roam surroundings high and low, defend against unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by curious droids and dangerous creatures.” If you are not a gamer please, don’t dismiss this without a look at the trailer and my arguments.

The production and graphics are dazzling, and the feline movement capture is absolutely superb. The strange environment is compelling and a little dark, but the aim of the game is discovery not fear. I am no gamer so I checked out reviews and videos on online before I bought the game (I am told the cute cat lives, no spoilers).

Not one of life’s ‘gamers’? There are dozens of video and blog guides and playthroughs for those of us who need help. Non-gamers, like me, and maybe you can have a lot of fun.

  • Stray is available on the gaming platform Steam for PC only. But, all is not lost for Mac users. If you have a PC and a Mac in the same house or apartment, then the Mac can stream the game thought the PC and the Steam app.
  • There is a Playstation Version available and Stray is the 2022 Golden Joystick Game of the Year.
  • A Game Controller is helpful but you can manage with a keyboard (sometimes an extra pair of hands helps.)
  • If you are not sure your processor is up to the task check Game Debate’ s Stray System Requirements.

You can read a review of Stray here.

Personal Sellers and Rescues

There are a lot of small sellers who run local businesses around the world. These are small sellers, people you may not know YET, but let me share a selection of people and small companies worldwide. Most of these sell via a personal website or a Facebook page. I have had one maker suggested to me and will add any more you would like to put forward.

A discovery for 2022 has been Ginger Cat Glass in Leicestershire, Great Britain. Vanessa works in fused glass, gives workshops and accepts commissions for special pieces.

Fused Glass Ornaments and Containers
  • Unusual Frequency has a breathtaking range of fantasy themed hoodies and Space themed silk scarves. You need to look!
  • Cat Wisdom 101 has a marvellous Black Cats Matter gift selection for you to enjoy. Find it here.
  • Connie Smith (USA) at Scripnipping is on Facebook. She creates practical zipped pouches and masks and fabric goods with a feline theme. She accepts Venmo and paypal and you can order via her page.
  • Pampered Pets (USA) – an extravagant range of beautiful seasonal collars and hats for cats and dogs recommended by friend Valentine. Think Mardi Gras festive! A portion of their sales go to animal rescue.
  • Vicky Denison (USA) has a gorgeous site including a large number of pet themes. Check her photos at the link then browse the site!
  • Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands (UK) Rescuers of Maximus, whose story was covered worldwide. When he passed away, the work done in his name continued; including a rescue unit Maximus Meadows and the rescue’s fundraising shop online. Currently there is limited merchandise but please check back.

Some Of the Best Cat Gifts Online

NOTE: Shipping charges means many countries have increased their postage charges thanks to the pandemic. If you want to send a gift you have made or created to an overseas cat friend, consider its size and weight or check my list of local suppliers.

In New Zealand, the premier site of real quality is Felt, and in Great Britain Folksy. Etsy has a wide range of worldwide sellers.

Let me introduce some of the creatives I know and love online, and the venues they work from.

Etsy Sellers Worldwide for Every Budget

No holiday gift guide is complete without a selection of handmade gifts from the world’s most popular handmade site.

  • Eric’s Empawrium (UK) superb quality bandanas, cat kickers and a special bandana supporting the British NHS. As modelled by Melvyn at Bionic Basil.
  • Kitty Cat Chronicles (USA) Fantastic cat leashes for adventure cats, cat collars made of durable biothane, crocheted cat toys and patterns. Great play items for you and your cat.
  • Jasmine’s Craft Cottage (UK) Pretty, quick-release British cat collars and floral kitty kickers to delight the eye. This page is included in our Pet Memorials post for the custom made figurines produced to order for the UK market.
  • Circa19Whatever (USA) not strictly pet but if your friend loves vintage. Start here!
  • Beaded Tail (USA) Well established on Etsy, Beaded Tail creates gorgeous beaded items and profits go to rescues. Look no further for the earrings and bracelets of your beaded dreams.
  • CarmenbyJames (UK) Quirky range of animal sculptures including this Steampunk Dachshund, also a geometric dog and an owl figure.
  • Unusual Frequency (Canada) A wealth of machine embroidered fantasy creatures from a Canadian creative. Cats, Unicorns and dragons that will take your breath away.
a bandana on a cute cat. Perfect for the holidays and a cat lover you know.
Melvyn struts his Eric’s Empawrium ‘stuff’ © BionicBasil

Subscription Boxes for Pet Lovers

New to my holiday gift guide for pet lovers, not just cats, is the expanded range of stunning subscription boxes now available. These subscriptions are inventive and packed with treats for you and your cat, dog, or bird

Here are links to two subcription boxes to give you an idea of the quality in these boxes. Feline and Fiction (UK) The box of British cat book lover’s dreams. Each month includes delightful gifts and a cat themed book for you to read. You can check out her review Amber from Bionic Basil’s blog. Mudpie and her mom Melissa review the high quality Cat Lady Box packed with gorgeous gifts each month.

Amber from Bionic Basil & The B Team Reviews Feline and Fiction.

CatLady Subscription Box (USA) This famous gift box is very popular. Deservedly so, because the gifts that arrive each month are inventive, fun and high quality. Subscriptions for 1, 3, and 6 months are available. You will find a box review on Mudpie’s blog.

Squawk Box for Birds. Four size options for bird lovers with 4-6 items per box each month. The company also have Hamster and Bunny treat boxes.

Pawprints to Freedom (UK) £12 per month. Vegan-friendly dog treats in ecologically sound packaging. Monthly or bi-monthly subscription.

Red Bubble Is Home to Cat Blogging Creatives

Any worldwide holiday gift guide has to include Red Bubble. This is one of the companies at the front of POD (print on demand) merchandise and its products are manufactured around the world. You can buy cat-themed tshirts, stickers, notebooks, posters and much more.

The RedBubble Header for Dash Kitten Photography items. Similar to Zazzle it was founded in Australia

There are lots of gift options including notebooks, stickers, printed garments, greetings cards, clocks, and mugs.

I have ordered from Red Bubble and can confirm their quality. My items have been all well made.

TIP: Ordering takes time as each item is made to order. Plan ahead and try to order in OctoberNovember to beat the holiday rush. Check delivery dates before you commit.

A Cat Lovers Gift Guide Worldwide
Toulouse with his gift mugs

Red Bubble Friends

Red Bubble is one of the most popular holiday gift guide destinations. This year people are saying thank you, from the heart, to friends and family worldwide. The choice of artists is immense but I focus on a few colleagues here, including my own Dash Kitten shop.

  • Kamira Gayle – Kamira has a lot of good things to offer. She inspires with gorgeous quotes that all of us can relate to. Her Afrocentric range is vibrant and colourful, and the selection of pet bereavement products is so lovely. If you need a sensitive and thoughtful memorial offering during the holidays, start here.
  • Athena Wise Kitty – Her phone cases, stickers and T-shirts are all fabulous so check her lively shop and her eloquent quotes speak to the animal lover’s soul! Our current mask came from Athena’s store and its great.
  • Summer Samba – Summer has her own store with fabulous Purr Power stickers, a range of stunning cards and the most fantastic Tarot designs ever! There are also some Binga themed cards for fans of our much-loved tortie friend.
  • Ryan Connors – new to me but wildly talented feline artist that you just HAVE to see. Check out her designs packed with humour and wit.
  • Dash Kitten – Our own store has our Kuykendall award-winning photograph of Chenzou on a range of items, and New Zealand themed merchandise including cards and notebooks (my favourites).
Graphic for Triple T Studios

Triple T Studios

This site is the home of the best cat-related merchandise you could hope to find. It also supports cats in the wild as well as the home. This list will give you some idea of the range of cat gorgeousness. I recommend you check out the gorgeous cat merchandise.

Health and Wellbeing for Cats Gifts

I was asked to add a range of healthy gifts to the holiday gift guide. If you know any reputable small businesses I can include, please recommend them in the comments for me to check out.

The Come With Me Kitty’ Harness

‘Reviewed by a kitty colleague some time ago and still available right now. The Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness is popular. Make sure you have accurate cat measurements before you purchase this gift.

  • Check our review of the Come With Me Kitty Harness here.
Chris Groove LiveLoveMeow Harness image

Humarian Probonix

This might seem an unusual suggestion for a cat gift but I think you should consider it for a health conscious cat lover. Humarian’s Probonix range for cats and dogs is the best I have ever used. Several of my cats take the daily drops and they make a real difference to daily cat gut health.

Probiotics for my Cat

Top Gift Suggestions for:

Aspiring Cat Writers and Novelists

We discovered Jericho Writers and author Harry Bingham thanks to our friends Mark and Erin at Erin the Cat Princess. Jericho Writers is a serious but friendly business that guides and advises writers so that their work is the best it can be. They have a lively and informative free mailing list packed with tips that I am enjoying every week (no spammy stuff). Harry’s book ‘How to Write a Novel‘ is the best you will find anywhere. Friendly and honest, it will guide you down the right path towards writing the novel you want.

Full membership of Jericho Writers is annual (or monthly) and includes courses to hone your skills, access to an annual literary festival and the services of serious editors (paid).

Finally, I am including some gift ideas just to get your mind working on what your friends or family might like.


Top tip – know the type of camera your giftee has. If in doubt, get adice from a camera shop.

  • Camera shutter remote
  • Lens hood
  • Camera Strap
  • Camers themed jewellery or tie pin


  • Handmade bookmarks
  • Personalised e-reader cover. Deluxe tooled leather designs from Oberon Design are perfection.
  • A real book token for your local real book shop. Keep it local, support a small business.

Paper Lovers

  • Unique and USA made Hammerpress, Kansas City has a Snail Mail Kit. Perfect for sending a note of encouragement or a thank you. Their work is proudly created in the USA. [I visited the shop while at BlogPaws® and the quality of the work is outstanding.]
  • Handmade notebooks on Folksy UK
  • Handmade notebook cover (dozens on Etsy).
Cat Throw Cushion on Red Bubble – Dash Kitten

Worldwide Holiday Gift Guide Buyer’s Top Tips

International Online Shopping Tips

The premier online shopping sites such as Red Bubble or Etsy allow you to search by country so you can send a gift to a friend in a particular country or area and greatly reduce the shipping time.

This is great because it reduces your worry and you know the gift will arrive without spending a month in transit. Need a bonus? You are supporting a small business close to your friend’s or family’s home.

Check the Dash Kitten Gift Book Guide here.

This is great, if you can. Doing this helps keep your local economy going at a tough time. You help to keep a small seller in business. Try craft fairs, online and local shops and traders.

Let me define local. This can be :

Buy Gifts Locally

  1. Within your own country
  2. State
  3. Suburb
  4. Town or village
  5. Country-based online sites
  6. A mile away at a local craft fair

Within Your Own Country

The world is, in many ways, a small place as good online sellers are consistent with the clarity of their labelling and shipping requirements and details. You should find all your questions answered clearly on a seller’s site/page or there should be an ‘ask me’ link for more specific questions.

  • REMEMBER: Many sellers give potential delivery dates in good faith. Do not blame them is shipping and delivery services take longer, and count your blessings if things arrive early.
  1. Check what types of payment does seller accepts. Most will take Paypal, some (not all) use or have access to Venmo. Individual shops at sites such as Shopify take various credit cards.
  2. Check your chosen seller’s shipping guidelines. It may cost a small amount more for a ‘courier’ or ‘faster’ option that guarantees your gift arrives quickly. [Here in New Zealand, the courier option is a popular one that guarantees fast service.]
  3. Check the seller’s returns policy. Many will offer a money-back guarantee. However, you may find items that are personalised, or made-to-order to specific requirements, or products that deteriorate quickly (e.g. food), cannot be returned.
  4. Major sites such as Etsy and Folksy have their own terms and conditions. If in doubt read those.

There’s always a gift card!

You are less likely to find your friends and colleagues on Amazon unless they are authors. Many books now are published by smaller companies and within the thriving new world of self-publishing. Our friend Carol Lowbeer and her cats Peaches and Paprika have their books online there.

Because I am a photoblogger I had to include selections of camera-inspired items with this post which camera users will enjoy browsing through. I discovered that not very camera gift needs to be expensive! Check the Amazon ad further down.

If you are really not sure, then sellers like Amazon and Etsy give you the option to send a gift card.

Worldwide Holiday Shopping Resources

Remember that Covid has not gone away and all over the world services like the postal system are struggling due to low staffing levels and staff illness. I know people who have had Covid and it sucks. People feel really horribly ill. This is not people pretending to bunk off – Covid can kill.

Snapfish (Worldwide) Print on Demand cards, memory books, mugs, and canvas prints of good quality. USA, Britain, New Zealand

Etsy (Worldwide)

Felt – New Zealand site specialising in uniquely New Zealand art and creative merchandise. If the seller has Paypal, this is where you can have gifts sent around Australasia.

Folksy – The perfect creative one-stop shop for your friends in Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and parts of Europe.

If you need to send a parcel overseas SEND IT NOW. (November 2022)

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  1. Great gift ideas. We love Triple T Studios! Mom Paula makes a lot of personalized products with our photos on them, especially the notebooks!

  2. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas! I personally love using etsy – I feel like I consistently get items that are high quality and well-made. I guess you can just tell they are made in the hands of a passionate small business owner. 🙂

  3. Great ideas but am trying to stick to local this year because of Covid as the locals are struggling but I do love your ideas.

  4. Terrific gift ideas! I especially like the calendar idea. I’ve done that in the past and it was a huge success! I really LOVE the Dash Kitten pillow. The cutest pillow I’ve ever seen! I’ll be keeping this list in mind as I start thinking about the holidays. I can’t believe they are almost here.

  5. I love this comprehensive roundup. One-stop reference for the holidays! Thanks again for the mention as well!! I love that Dash Kitten pillow! So many lovely creators in the online space. Pinning this!

  6. Good tips about international shopping. And yes to shopping local. My very eclectic guide will be out next week and I’m concerned about delivery times.

  7. What great suggestions! Etsy & Redbubble are a good choice for unique & special gifts. I have a Redbubble site myself! Shopping early is really smart.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Many selling sties like Etsy and Red Bubble are predicting people will be buying now, so it is a good time.

  8. I love supporting small businesses! These are some great gift ideas. I’m notorious for last minute shopping, but I need to shop early this year.

  9. I love that Etsy has provided such an easy to use platform for creators to get the word out about the amazing products that they have to offer. It’s usually my first ‘go-to’ place when I am in the process of shopping for gifts. I already have a few different items favourited to purchase in the coming weeks with specific people in mind.

  10. You just make me covet things 🙂 Now I totally want an iPhone cover with my dog’s picture on it.

  11. You are right on – we have to start our holiday shopping earlier this year! I really do love finding novel, unique gifts that reflect the receiver’s passions. I’ll definitely refer to your list as mentioned a few cat items that have caught my eye!

  12. Wow! Thanks so much for the mention Marjorie! 🙂 Yes!! Seeing how all of us are limited this year in so many ways, start that shopping early! There are so many creatives I didn’t know about. I have a lot of browsing and shopping to do. Love your own designs from your RB shop too. Great printing quality. Thanks again!

  13. What a fabulous gift guide and ideas and yes it is so important to support small businesses especially in these days as they need the income more than large companies. Thanks for the blog hop

  14. What a great gift guide! I’ve been working on writing mine too – I always seem to get it posted late so I’m hoping to get it out a bit earlier this year. I love to hand make Yule gifts for as many people as I can, and often turn to Etsy to find something special when I run out of time to make everything myself.

  15. I had no idea so many of our blogging friends sold their own products! This is a great gift guide and truly international in scope!

  16. Oh, MY! You sure did a ton of research to pt this guide together!!
    Pawsome and thanks for all the great ideas!

  17. Wow, that is a super big gift guide! We totally want to to check out all those creative and very talented sellers!

  18. Thanks so much for the mention! We are actually big fans of Etsy, and it’s so much fun to shop all the unique items there. I’m just discovering Redbubble, and having lots of fun with it. My shop is only about a month old, and I already sold something, even though I haven’t even announced it officially on my blog!

  19. WOWY, thanks for all the tips, Miss Marjorie. Mom recommends Pampered Whiskers in the US that handmakes holiday-themed collars and hats for pets. She’s bought several things for me and the doggy and says they’re high quality. A purrcentage of each sale goes to animal shelter, too. Purr purr purr.


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