Beginner Cat Photo Skills

A Lucky Photograph Can Make You Laugh

It’s a holiday week-end here in New Zealand and the cats and I are enjoying summer warmth and sunshine. Today’s selfie is a lucky shot I know will make you smile. Let me share the photos and show you how I made a fun moment happen.

It’s tempting to spend a lot more time in the garden with my camera, doing what every photographer needs to do – practice. Especially if I want to tell you more about my new lens.

Action shot taken with a canon 1300D. You can take your own
F5.6 1/200 50mm lens

Camera Practice Success

My practice pays dividends when I end up laid on the drive pointing my camera at Dot Kitten! Do you remember my cute picture of her yelling, This is today’s lucky shot!

She doesn’t always look silly. Here is Dot the perfectly posed cat, looking calm and collected.

A lucky shot of a calm and cute cat. This post annoys cute cat photos.
F5.6 1/200 50mm lens

A Wiggly Cat

I have to include one extra fun shot.

Why is she wiggling? The tarmac of the drive is radiating warmth after a sunny day. Of course any cat loves a bit of warmth – right?

Action shot taken with a canon 1300D. You can take your own cute ct photos with my help.
F5.6 1/160 50mm lens

How’s the weather with you this weekend. Have you been out taking any fun photos?

14 thoughts on “A Lucky Photograph Can Make You Laugh”

  1. Those are all great shots of Dot! She is so beautiful. 🙂

    It snowed a lot here yesterday, but today it’s starting to melt.

  2. Excellent pictures, they really came out great and we have a smile on our face, Dot, thank you for that😸 Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday. It’s getting colder today, so we’re waiting for the sun to come out…wishful thinking 😉 🐾😽💞

  3. A quite sedate and formal Sunday selfie from Dot. Great that your staff got to lay down on the job too, MOL

  4. That is a funny shot of Dot. In the next photo she is looking slightly disapproving at you embarrassing her.

    • Oh Jackie, no 🙂 She is the sweetest girl. She lost a lot of weight and it transformed her, but her expressions are all her own!


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