Beginner Cat Photo Skills

A Photo Transformation for Toulouse

Today’s portraits are taken from a recent post for the fun photos challenge and shows how a filter can create a photo transformation. The images are collected from the Fun Photos Challenge post which also covers photo apps and software.

The first photo is the original and it was taken with my telephoto lens.

Toulouse was sat watching the birds so I was able to zoom in from the other side of the kitchen. This allowed me to keep him sharp but soften the background beautifully. The Island Cats were right. Toulouse is an excellent and inspirational muse.

A Tabby Cat on profile with a soft focus background.
F5.6 1/40 55-250mm lens © Dash Kitten.

Watercolour Effect

Wednesday’s post also contains a link for any Affinity Photo program user to magically transform a cat into a dazzling watercolour image. I used the same image and did not change any settings before I started using the mini-lesson on the Affinity site. With a few tweaks, you create a fabulous photo transformation.

Charcoal Photo Filter

I know some of my readers are big smartphone fans and love to use the apps. The photo below is from Photo Lab which has free and paid versions. I love how the photo is changed into a charcoal drawing in just an instant with no fussing or challenging instructions for beginners. I don’t know about you, but I wish I could draw like that.

Cat shows with a charcoal effect filter

Lunapic Magic

I described in the challenge post how I created the stunning picture below from the filters in Lunapic. The graphic oil painting effect is rich and vibrant and really makes the photo look amazing. The range of effects you can discover ranges from the subtle and soft to the ‘Oh My Goodness’ so it is worth a look.

Filter treated cat portrait in brown and coffee tones

A Photo Lab Selfie

The final selfie is ‘Peony Double Exposure’ from Photo Lab which is an iPhone app.

The filter gives Toulouse a really old-fashioned vintage look and the peonies frame his face beautifully with soft colour. The original photograph was turned black and white by Photo Lab. If you have a good photo app on your phone, it should do something similar

A Final Encouraging Thought

If you are unsure about entering this year’s challenge because you don’t have fancy software. Check out the reports on Lunapic (and the other software). Lunapic is perfect for any beginner, easy to use and all the hard work is done by their servers, not your computer.

  • NOTE: Bionic Basil & The B Team dazzle us every week with their blog images. Their effects are by another great app – BeFunky. This is an app worth your attention for the quality and range of creative options. The annual fee is modest for what the program does as you can from Basil’s staff review in my post.

10 thoughts on “A Photo Transformation for Toulouse”

  1. Mee-yow WOW Misss Marjorie!! Wee LOVE yore foto art with Toulouse!! Hee ISS a grate foto taker fore sure!
    Yore Lunapic paintin iss furabuluss….LadyMew can nevurr do that fore mee, mew mew mew
    An yore last foto iss dreemy an purrty…
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  2. Wow, we love those, especially the Peony Double Exposure!

    Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comment about our Gracie’s passing. Your support means so much to us. She was an amazing kitty, and we miss her so much.


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