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A Bird Watching Tuxedo Cat

The saying goes ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’ and, for this cat portrait I have to agree 100%. Looking out of the living room window I saw what was happening and jumped at the chance for a fun photo so grabbed my iPhone.

This is one of those silly shots that will make you laugh out loud when you realise what is going on with my bird watching tuxedo. I wish I’d got a wider lens!

The Bird Watching Tuxedo

Let me introduce our stray Teddy who seems mesmerised by the huge flock of sparrows and goldfinches. It’s morning feeding time at our popular seed feeder on the rotary dryer.

If you are not sure where it is, check the small dark bird house shape! Birds perch, and some flutter as bursts of motion at the seed cone you can see on the far left. I could not include the dozens of opportunist sparrows picking up the dropped seed under the feeder!

What is he thinking as he sits and watches?

Bird Watching Tuxedo
Captured with an iPhone12

We are trying to convince Teddy how good life inside can be but it is a slow confidence building business. He arrived thin as a stick and is now a better weight. We have scanned him for a chip (borrowed a scanner from our local rescue for a few hours) and found nothing.

12 thoughts on “A Bird Watching Tuxedo Cat”

  1. What a great capture! We have our fingers and paws crossed that handsome Teddy will decide (your) family life is the way to go. XO

  2. That is a lot of birds and Teddy looks very interested. The birds have sens to stay on the far side!

  3. He thinks he might be soon having a snack?? Or wondering if he can be fast as lightning to grab one for a ‘playmate’!

    Teddy is a handsome fella. I hope he can be convinced to come into your place of hospitality and never look back!


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