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WOW It’s Pet Parade 259 with Dash Kitten

It’s Pet Parade 259 time!

Welcome to your favourite weekly Blog Hop of posts and social media shares. We are celebrating taking up the hosting the Pet Parade with a giveaway, and a survey and an appeal. We look forward to seeing you strut your social media stuff at the bottom of the post. We have a lot to say so let’s go.

We are proud to take on the mantle of Hop Hosts from Rascal and Rocco who are taking a well earned break to focus on other creative endeavours. We thank them for the amazing fun they have given us, and we wish them well.

The NEW Pet Parade Banner Aug 2018

You know our Pet Parade 259 co-hosts, of course!

We hope you will enjoy submitting your posts, tweets and pins, then visiting fellow hoppers. Please share the Pet Parade using your favourite social media channels and let’s tear up the blogosphere!

This week we have a celebratory giveaway to launch Dash Kitten’s joining the Pet Parade and an appeal for two cats in peril.

The appeal comes from our trusted friend and rescue colleague Brian Frum. Two cats are at high risk of euthanasia. Mom (90) is going into care and, tough to say this but, son ‘doesn’t care’ about the cats and wants them euthanised……. As part of our efforts to help, the highest earning task in our Rafflecopter giveaway is the Tweet on behalf of the kitties.

Pingo and polo appeal

Our Pet Parade Giveaway

We have a gift basket of goodies for those who take time to comment, tweet and visit our Facebook page:

  • A cute Teddy the Dog T-shirt in fresh summer green (size L);
  • A copy of The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa (reviewed here);
  • One Limited Edition print copy of ‘How to Make Your Cat an Internet Movie Star’ our popular eBook. OK we admit EVERY pet user will love to read this one;
  • A Travel Pouch – exclusive from Quantas Airlines and not found in the shops. I have added a couple of mystery surprises too
  • An exclusive Designer Cat Mug from Manhattener’s, a Japanese company who take their inspiration from the cats of New York. Their work is stylish, hand crafted, and totally unique.

Mailing List Special Prize

If you are on our mailing list (or join) The prize includes an exclusive handcrafted Kitty Trinket Dish. (You can join in the sidebar after you fill out the survey!)

Pet Parade 259 Mailing List Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, Why a Blog Hop Survey?

We looked at the blog hops that our many pet and animal friends have the opportunity to visit during the week, they are amazing. On Friday alone there are Flashback, Felines, Fails, Flowers and the popular Friday Fill-ins. You can get an idea of the number of pet related hops here.

So we are hoping to move to Wednesday and a less crowded visiting and sharing time. Don’t worry you would still have the whole week!  We want to embrace and celebrate both the inspiring images we discover in wordless posts, and give our word loving friends a chance to speak out. WOW can be wordy OR wordless. So, we would love your input. OK friends, let’s get this Hop on the road!

[polldaddy poll=10069767]


We are having issues commenting on Google only blogs at the moment. We struggle to comment sometimes, in spite of trying every trick we can. We will try not to let you down BUT if you do not get a comment, this is why.

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew





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55 thoughts on “WOW It’s Pet Parade 259 with Dash Kitten

  1. I’ve been joining the Wordless Wednesday hop, but another one on that day would be super fun! That was so-o nice of you to offer to host the Pet Parade hop, Miss Marjorie! Purr purr purr.

  2. Concats on hosting the Pet Parade Marjorie & Dash Kitten – we know you’ll do a pawsome job! Good luck to efurryone with the giveaway – it’s a great gift basket!

  3. Congrats with becoming the new lead host of The Pet Parade! I know you’ll do amazing things! I do Flashback Fridays hop, but have also joined up with Pet Parade (which I am doing right now)! So any day is a good day for a Pet Parade and fine by me!

  4. What a great comp – well done Can’t support you on facebook though since I don’t use facebook so hoping that won’t count me out of entering. I love this site – so many good things about it Thanks for all you do

  5. Congratulations on taking over the Pet Parade Blog Hop. Please send us your graphic and information about the hop and we’ll add it to our list of hops on the Cat Blogosphere.

    We’re on Blogger and we have some problems commenting on some WordPress blogs. Who knows what is going on?!?

  6. Such exciting news! Congratulations Marjorie and the whole Dash Kitten crew! I tried blog hopping in the beginning of the year and I just couldn’t get my schedule organized enough to visit as many blogs as I would have liked. Since this hop is open all week, I could drop a link on your designated day and then maybe visit 1-2 blogs per day over the next week. Or binge read on Sunday! Also I love how you included a link to pet blog hops out there. Going to go check it out. Thanks!

  7. What a cute variety of prizes!

    Regarding the poll, I think there are a lot of activities on Fridays, so Wednesday might be better.

  8. Congrats on taking over the hosting of the Pet Parade! Any day would work for me. These are great giveaways, any kitty would love to win!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  9. joining up for the first time. I love the wow idea for Wednesday, I’m definitely a word girl, but I love to see all the gorgeous images people post for wordless Wednesday.

  10. Congrats on taking up the Pet Parade. I’m going to add my link. I think Wednesday is a good day or at least it is for me, kind of takes the place of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday hop that is no more.

  11. Awww, so sorry that the son doesn’t care about the cats–or his Mom’s feelings, apparently. We can’t know the circumstances but surely other options could be found. I don’t generally participate in the blog hops so I didn’t vote. *s* Any day would be fine, therefore.

  12. Well done for taking over the blog hop and what great prizes to start the whole event off! Hoping the two cats find a new home that will love them and take care of them. x

  13. Congrats on the new role, and it sounds like so much fun! Great giveaways as well, and I have to mention I love that you’re featuring cats that need help. Don’t even get me started on how someone could think killing an animal is a good solution. Anyway best of like with this new gig and sharing and entering!!

  14. Hi Dash Kitten Crew! Have to say that is an excellent selection of prizes, every one a delight. We voted for Wednesday as it does seem a lot clearer. We could often ourselves then visit too, as sort of mid week and Mrs H has done all the shopping, gardening, dusting cleaning, brickwork etc . Have visited Brian and shared the poor set upon cats that need a home….

  15. Rascal and Rocco are on their well-deserved rest! I’m so glad you will continue the Pet Parade. Wednesday sounds great to me, even better than Friday 🙂

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