WOW It’s the Pet Parade 261 Wordy or Wordless

WOW It’s the Pet Parade 261 Wordy or Wordless

Welcome to the wordy or wordless Pet Parade 261. We are so glad to see you here for our new wide open Wednesday spot where WOW blogs and social media are warmly welcomed.

  • August 15th is also Check the Chip Day, so make sure you make a vet appointment to check your pet’s chip as soon as you are able.

We also have a celebratory giveaway to thank everyone for your support of the move. Your feedback was very important so please don’t forget to enter at the end of the post.

You Are Why We Love the Pet Parade

Wordy or Wordless posts are welcome because we love seeing your pictures, and reading your posts. Last week we visited a cat cafe, read a cat princess’s thrilling adventures, learned to review pet disaster planning and northern hemisphere Summertime safety. We met two ginger visitors, and we loved every post.

You will never tire of visiting your amazing friends. Cats, Dogs, Rats and Reptiles are all welcome so post what you are proud of! I know we have some Instagram and Pinterest folk too so add your links and jump in! Pictures and prose don’t need to be perfect, they need to be out there where friend can enjoy them.


Don’t let the Pet Parade Pass You By!

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The Short Hop Week

Remember that if you don’t have a fresh new post for this short Wordy or Wordless hop, then share something you are really proud of.

  • An epically silly picture!
  • A lesson learned
  • A quote that hit home for you
  • A gorgeous portrait (like our memorable one of Harvey)
  • This day last year


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This week’s featured blog

>>> McSquare Doodles <<<

From Irene:

“McSquare Doodles began as a project for this first-time dog mom. When Bernie was about seven months old, he was diagnosed with atypical Addison’s Disease. My research about all things D-O-G dramatically increased. As an educator, I love sharing what I learn, so starting McSquare Doodles was an easy choice.”

We are cat people here but have found a firm friend in Irene. She lives in a part of the USA we love, and has a terrific dog blog.  Not only does she have some great therapy dog resources, and covers topics such as canine Good Citizen skills, rattlesnake avoidance and probiotics for your dog. Her posts wear their deep knowledge lightly and you will enjoy a visit anytime. McSquare Doodles Blog & Facebook.

The Wednesday Giveaway Gift Basket

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • shiny jewellery,
  • a human toy
  • a charitable donation for you to use

Our blog giveaway has contributions from Barking from the Bayou, Bionic Basil and Dash Kitten. It is a thank you to you all for your support while the Crew learn to work side by side with two of the finest and most fun bloggers ever.

Everyone worldwide is welcome to enter, If you have any problems with the Rafflecopter widget shout out in the comments. I know that sometimes the widget not so responsive for phone users.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get hopping everyone!

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew
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  1. Wordy or Wordless…I love it! And if peeps missed out on Check Your Chip on Aug. 15, you can do it anytime, at any vet or shelter! It takes just a few minutes and can save your pets life and/or keep your whole family together!

  2. For the life of me I can’t remember whether I shared the article I included above or not. But in case I didn’t, or people want to read it who didn’t get a chance, I’m going to add it.

  3. This seems like a really fun idea. I’m afraid I’m blog challenged though when it comes to some of these things-I tried to comment above but I’m not sure what I actually did lol. I will check out some of these fun blogs in your bloghop! Anyway I hope I did everything right!

  4. So many pet blogs… so little time. I think linking to each other within the posts is a great idea. I recently discovered there are people blogging about things other than pets. Weird, eh?

  5. Aw I used to do “wordless” Wednesday posts over on my blog almost every week. I haven’t done them for awhile now though. It’s something I’d like to get back to eventually, when I have more time to blog. I didn’t know about check your chip day! Luckily our vet checks my boys’ microchips every time we go in for checkups.

  6. Sounds like there’s a lot to be learned from the hops! Great reminder to check the microchip. We’re travelling with Jack soon so I did have his checked recently just to be sure.

  7. Oh thank you for featuring McSquare Doodles! I appreciate all of your support Marjorie!

    As a former cat mom, I wasn’t certain how I felt about getting dogs, but my SO Matthew really wanted a puppy. Even though I’m loving dog mom life, I am hoping someday to add some kitties to our family.

    And thank you for the reminder about checking microchips! We just had our annual appointments for both pups and totally forgot to ask for that service. A certain girl doodle is a little pudgy, so when we go in for a weight check, I’ll ask for them to check their chips then. Such an important reminder!

  8. We have added our wordless Wednesday link to the hop. Hurray!

    P.S.: update on our foster kitty. He’s the sweetest boy ever – curious, playful, a real charmer. We do hope to adopt him. He is getting along nicely with Ruby (our dog), but Rosie (our cat) is not being so welcoming to him. Although he is about twice her size, he backs down to her. Unfortunately, any time she catches sight of him she gets really mad hissing and chasing him back into his room. We are not giving up, but feel free to share any suggestions of how to help ease Rosie’s mind that he’s really a nice cat.

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