The Swiss Cats Worldwide Cat Bloggers

The Swiss Cats Worldwide Cat Bloggers

Welcome to our International Worldwide Pet Blogging feature. We are introducing talented cat blogs and ‘other paw’ pet blogs around the world. You may be surprised just how many fantastic blogs there are in the pet world so join our adventure.

Some of our interviewees you may know, others we hope, will be happy discoveries of new friends. These interviews are short and sweet with links to explore the blogs who have graciously agreed to be interviewed.

This week we introduce our Worldwide Pet Blogging friends Pixie and Zorro (the dark panther) who bring us feline thoughts and lifestyle from The Swiss Cats.  


Firstly, may we welcome Zorro and Pxie to the blog. Thank you for being our very first interviewees for the Worldwide Pet Blogging Series.

Can you tell our readers, where in the world you are?

We are in Switzerland, in the French-speaking part of that tiny quadrilingual country.

What is your favourite part of running The Swiss Cats blog?

We love to answer questions on the topic « Living with cats » with examples of our everyday life, share a little bit of our life, and review cool products for cats or cat lovers. 

What kind of readership have you discovered enjoy The Swiss Cats blog?

Our readership comes mainly from France, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, and Italy. Our readers are mostly women between 25 and 60 years old.

worldwide Pet Blogging Pixie and Zorro Swiss Cats
Zorro from The Swiss Cats

What are the joys and challenges of being a worldwide blogger?

We reach the world with one single post, that’s pawsome !

We have friends worldwide. We learn about different habits, we share information, and we discover or write about news and new products of the cat world. Our biggest challenge is translation : we’re French-speaking native kitties, you know, and we translate all our posts ourselves. 

Wow guys! As a mono lingual Kiwi Cat I have to be impressed by your language skills!  OK, so that our readers can explore the best of your blog, can you suggest some of your favourite posts for us which show us your amazing world?

Worldwide Pet Blogging Pixie and Zorro Swiss Cats
Pixie from The Swiss Cats

Certainly we can. Allow us to present our favourite posts!

Zorro and Pixie, thank you for allowing is a look into the wonderful world at the Swiss Cats. As Blogpaws 2016 International Ambassadors enjoyed introducing you to our readers.

Thank you for joining our Worldwide Pet Bloggers series. 

Miranda Kitten
Worldwide Pet Blogger Miranda Kitten Blogger


  1. We love Zorro and Pixie and Claire and Momo. They have a great blog. Zorro and Calista Jo have even “dated.” Thanks for hopefully introducing them to a new audience. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. pixie & zorro total lee rock….& claire & momo due two !!! we N joy reedin ther blog & see in what life iz like across de pond ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe pixie & zorro anda happee monday two all XXXXX

  3. Great interview, Miranda! We already know and love Pixie and Zorro. We are totally awestruck at their linguistic abilities!! It’s a great idea to highlight worldwide blogs! xx

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