World Cat Day

World Cat Day

Today is World Cat Day, or International Cat Day. Both are on the list of appreciation days, or should be, and we are celebrating it with a visit to one of the wonders of the cat world – the Katten Kabinet art gallery and museum in Amsterdam, Holland.

Katten Kabinet, Amsterdam, Nederland
Senior in a Sun Puddle

Cats bring joy and love wherever they are, and this has inspired artists worldwide for generations. The Katten Kabinet website has recently been redesigned and you can tour some of the rooms – a stunning experience!

  • Take a walk around the museum for world Cat Day

  • The virtual tour is a wonderful delight and you will be thrilled to take a trip around the Katten Kabinet from the comfort of your own home. Navigation is super simple and there is so much to enjoy just click ‘Virtual tour’ at the Katten Cabinet link.

World Cat Day Katten Kabinet, Amsterdam, Nederland

To give you an idea of the impact of this amazing place, imagine, a whole house full of cat art, cat sculpture, cat graphic design packed into every nook and cranny – the joy of it all for those who love cats.

On Mum’s visit she has a special treat – a sweet old senior cat in a sun puddle on a sofa! We present for your delight, a montage for World Cat Day of our own, so sit back, relax and enjoy, then go and see the virtual tour and spot where we took the pictures!

With our view into the delights of the Katten Cabinet, we would like to wish you an Happy World Cat Day, and may we thank Ann Adamus for the wonderful Cat Day graphic at the top! World Cat Day is also a day to spotlight our Bootsie campaign (see below).

Harvey, Miranda, Silver and Phoebe






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