World Cat Day! Meow Out Loud

World Cat Day! Meow Out Loud

Today we celebrate World Cat Day with our cat friends, rescues and BlogPaws® cat buddies around the world.


Join our video as we visit cat rescues, and friends in Europe, and the USA for this day of celebration – WooHooooo treats for everyone 🙂 If you can’t see the video it’s here

World Cat Day 2016 from Dash Kitten Movie Crew on Vimeo.

How are you going to enjoy World Cat Day? We hope it will be with friends and family, an adopted kitty family member, or helping at your local rescue. Many supermarkets host boxes for local rescues, so drop some food in your local rescue’s box if you have one – or find out if you can help donate pet food vouchers for hard pressed families to use. Whatever you do, celebrate your love for cats – you know the world would be a poorer place without us!

World Cat Day

Enjoy World Cat Day!

Harvey, Miranda and Silver
Dash Kitten Crew for World Cat Day
Team Dash Kitten





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