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Words Matter #52Assignments No. 17

Words Matter #52Assignments No. 17

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This week’s 52 Assignments challenge encourages us to look at words and how they resonate with us as people (and pet lovers) in photographs. Words are messages, words get noticed and words carry powerful messages. The message is that words matter.

The chapter in 52 Assignments emphasises how we, as people are hard-wired to look at words. Each of us wants to know what they mean, so they are a good fit for your Instagram posts when you have something to say. Especially if you are showing a message of some kind for a rescue or a promotional post.

I wanted to showcase this Scentsy mini warmer is one of my favourites because it has a positive message that encourages and inspires.

Smartphone photo with filter © Dash Kitten

Where Do I Find Words?

You find words all around you. Cute cat ads with great advice, neon signs, an inspiring quote. If they resonate with you, the author Adam Juniper says, they will resonate with your friends and IG followers. You can add words to your Instagram Stories too. If you want to add impact to a photo that doesn’t have text but needs some it grabs more attention. – you got it ‘because people need to read’ text they see!

When you have an image with words ready to upload to Instagram, try the Sharpness filter. This will make sure your words stand out a bit more. Don’t push your adjustments too far or you look artificial and unfriendly (not the look you are aiming for) just experiment to see if the filter makes a difference. If not, don’t use it. remember the words matter more than any filter you might use.

ISO 200 50 mm f/2.2 1/250

I took a slightly different approach to words than the book. The focus is on single words in brilliant neon, and while this looks fabulous I wanted to show cats and words and the words those pictures tell. The photo from the cat cafe’s pavement sign is one any cat lover can relate to and, well do you need to answer the question? The text resonates and makes you smile.

The photo below of Ollie the kitten at the cat cafe is more focused on him but the words are a prompt towards care and respect for cats. The sign came from an American zoo and while it makes visitors smile, it has a serious purpose. Respect the cats, give them space – especially if they are balances on the kitty parkour hunting a cat toy! Maybe not a perfect example but Ollie is such an agile star I had to share his picture.

Ollie the Acrobat ISO 400 55 mm f/5.6 11/25

Hashtags for Words Matter on Instagram

These need to relate to your content. You might use the usual #catsofinstagram or #catlovers but #inspiring or #motivation or #hope can get you some attention. Hashtags is all about experimenting but #lyrics gets the attention of pop music people and #happy is just one of the best hashtags ever.

Toothfairy Badge for Cats
Harvey’s Favourite Words from Miss Ellen at 15Meowing

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4 thoughts on “Words Matter #52Assignments No. 17”

  1. Interesting and I will keep this in mind if I ever do start posting on Instagram! Love the photo of Ollie!

  2. Oh dear, I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of words…though I have taken a few pics of signs that captured me somehow. Most of those were taken in Europe…I guess I wanted to remember them:)
    Those ‘cat words’, though are great! Love how they really do convey their message with wit and humour.


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