International Pet Bloggers Helping Rescue Cats

International Pet Bloggers Helping Rescue Cats

This is our Pet Rescue logo designed by @Glogirly. We use it when we announce and promote our rescue appeals around the world. Today we celebrate the worldwide network of help and encouragement we have discovered thanks to pet blogging. Rescue cats are our favourite breed.

We are Helping Rescue Cats

Our rescue posts are found under AnimalSOS Currently our work focuses on Kush a black Panfur, Samson and Delilah, and with friend Savvy’s help Ray Charles and Sister Rachel

Rescue cats

The international reach for Ray and Rachel is determined to find them a home and even over here in New Zealand we are proud to lend a paw.

Caring matters

Wherever you are you can promote, donate, drive a transport or share. You can shake a tin on collection day, or make things for a rescue to sell. 

Never EVER do nothing.


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