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Wolves on Fanboy Friday

Meet the wolf in our first Fanboy Friday of 2015’s new season – Wolf Haven International.

Like many of you, we used to know about wolves as the stuff in fairy tails tales, but over the past year we learned heaps more. How we learned is thanks to a gift we received, a membership to Wolf Haven International and, you know, it is one of the best presents we have ever received. We have learned much about wolves, their types, habitats and the danger wolves can find themselves in – it’s tremendously exciting for us.

Wolf Haven’s mission statement (see below) includes the vital word ‘education‘ and their quarterly magazine is eagerly awaited here in New Zealand as it is full of reports on the wolves, insights into Wolf Haven itself, and the issues surrounding the wolves future survival and welfare. They also have a news page on the web site for you to check out.

Wolf Howl

Maybe it sounds a little bit ‘worthy’ to you all this ‘education’ malarkey? Heck no! This is exciting stuff! Thanks to Wolf Haven’s magazine we are now conscious, and notice, news about Wolves much more, the really good things that happen and the challenges they may face due to harsh legislation. Our eyes are open more to the world of wolves.

  • We have an adopted wolf of our own this year – check out Yukon.

We were forcibly reminded, as we drafted this post, of another animal facing similar threats thanks to humankind’s lack of understanding – the feral cat. The same lack of understanding and compassion for an animal under pressure, and the need for us to learn, to educate ourselves came home with a bang. Guys, we all need to learn, and we need to understand.

We love Wolf Haven and are grateful for our membership gift. If you want to teach others, do the same buy a gift membership, or simply read more information on wolves or feral cats or even ‘Rescued‘ cats!

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FanboyFriday Editor

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Wolf Haven Mission Statement

“The mission of Wolf Haven International is to “Conserve and protect wolves and their habitat.”
We rescue and provide sanctuary for displaced, captive-born wolves, offer educational programs about wolves and the value of all wildlife, promote wolf restoration in historic ranges and work to protect our remaining wild wolves and their habitat.”


9 thoughts on “Wolves on Fanboy Friday

  1. Thank you for such a nice blog about Wolf Haven! It was a treat and surprise to read the very informative piece with links to our website and a video made by three of our animal care team.

    Thank you so much for your membership. We wish you the best as you work to protect feral cats.

    Kim Young, Director of Communications, Wolf Haven International

  2. silver…..awesum post two day…N yur sponsor wolf yukon iz total lee kewl XXX we proud lee supportz BCR…big cat rescue… heer in trout towne…& may bee one oh theeze day bee for her ternz 100….. de food gurl will act shoo a lee get ta visit ther XXX

  3. Hi Silver, We love wolves in our family here in the USA. We unfortunately live in a state where many many peeps hunt and trap inhumanely. It breaks mom’s heart badly. So far this year they have killed 243 wolves, and it is only April. Mom is the “Lone Wolf” fighting this and telling people how wolves make for a healthy environment. We have bookmarked your pages and stay in contact with them. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. I would love to share this on my page. Thank you. ~Willy

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