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#Cures4Cats and the Winn Feline Foundation Create New Hope

The Winn Feline Foundation? #Cures4Cats? Who? What kind of a hashtag is this? Is someone working miracles, finding cures?

Miracles no, but we have the next best thing — the Winn Foundation. They are world leaders in the field of top quality research into cat health problems. For the most positive outcomes, and the best hope of fighting diseases like FIP, Winn are in the front line, selecting promising research that will help us find cures, and improve cat health.

Winn is celebrating 50 years of groundbreaking research with a book which you can download here and #Cures4Cats as their special day. The book is a wonderful celebration and a message of hope for every cat lover who is concerned about feline well-being and welfare. You can also buy a printed copy for your local rescue.

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Winn Research will help cats like me!

We heard about Winn in a Perfect Storm of Information

In October 2016 interesting posts began appearing in our social media timelines. They were about a raffle for the Bria Fund. OK, officially it’s The Bria Fund for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Research. Bria were running a fundraiser with FABulous prizes, hoping to fund research to smash FIP into the ground and blast it off the planet! We had to help so we jumped in and began encouraging our friends to buy raffle tickets.  Plenty of you did, so our influencer skills were not wasted!

  • FIP is a fatal disease, it catches kittens and young cats There is no cure, and no effective treatment.
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Hard on the heels of the Bria fundraiser, in November 2016 came a Kickstarter appeal from Paul Castro and Aly Miller for a movie about an FIP kitten ‘Aeris‘. The short film (a professional endeavour) needed extra funding and we, along with many cat loving supporters, made a contribution. The movie is now complete, and there is a fundraising screening on the 3rd of November 2017. It takes place in New York to benefit the Winn Foundation who co-produced the movie. You can also read an interview with Paul and Aly of ‘Aeris’ here.

Why all the fuss about the Winn Feline Foundation?

The Foundation and #Cares4Cats is at the forefront of feline health care, allocating over $6M US annually to research grants into infectious and chronic cat health conditions through more than 30 respected fellow research institutions.

This research is:

  • exciting,
  • exploratory and…
  • ground breaking.
  • It takes place around the world, not just in the United States
  • It happens thanks to all of us – donors great and small.

Winn Feline Foundation Cures4Cats

 The #Cares4Cats Mission

“Winn Feline Foundation envisions a day when feline genetic disorders will be defined and prevented; when infectious disease is controlled and treated; when chronic disease is ameliorated and all cats age well without pain and discomfort.” – WFF

So join us every year for #CuresforCats and ensure that the best care can be given to our own cats – worldwide.

Harvey Button
Winn Feline Foundation Reporter
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4 thoughts on “#Cures4Cats and the Winn Feline Foundation Create New Hope

  1. Great posty and great cause. it makes us very sad dat not more research is bein’ done fur other cat diseases. Even in 2017, cats and their health is still among the least understood. We’re sharin’ and purrayin’. Big hugs

    Luvs ya’

    Raena and Dezi

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