Who are Place for Cats Rescue?

Who are Place for Cats Rescue?

 Place for Cats is accredited by Pets on Death Row, so can claim monies for cats it pulls from the NYC Kill List.

This is a story of discovery, of amazing magic by small people and Leo, the cat snatched from the deadly jaws of New York’s ACC.

Meet Leo, resident with a foster at Place for Cats, New York. It is thanks to Leo that we discovered this small, hard working, organisation that pulls as many cats and kittens as it can from the killing machine that is New York’s ACC. Place For Cats saved more than 20 felines from Death Row during the summer.

We were lucky enough to win an Amazon Gift Certificate from Blog Paws at the recent #blogpawschat and thanks to our pal Savannah’s Paw-It-Forward posts we decided to donate the certificate to Place for Cats – who are using it to buy kitten food.

Leo, a Place for Cats Rescue
Leo, a Place for Cats Rescue

Meet Mia, their Directer. She tells me :-

It is unfortunate that the Administrator of Death Row refuses to credit us in the profile caption and removes our entries when I put the save within the thread, so we did not get credit or pledge money for any saves except Jake and Leo.   Extremely disappointing and frustrating, especially since 2 of the saves, Suki and Goldie on July 16th cost us in excess of $5,000 in medical bills.”

*** This means that they often do NOT get the pledges made by people! (see update above) ***

Their page on PetFinder proudly states :- PLACE FOR CATS is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization incorporated in the State of New York. We acquired not for profit status in 1994. PLACE FOR CATS has found homes for 1000 strays since 1990.

They do not have a premises but a network of fosters loves and cares cares for cats and kittens.  Each cat is goes through a careful process before it is put on their Pet Finder pages. The rescue states that cats adopted from Place For Cats are:-

  1. Spayed at 5 months of age or older or neutered at 16 weeks or older;
  2. Blood-tested for Feline Leukemia Virus and FIV;
  3. Up-to-date on the 3-in-1 (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus) vaccinations;
  4. Usually (but not always) micro-chipped; and
  5. Groomed prior to delivery to their new home.

I do not expect you to reach each one but I am adding the list, below my image, to acknowledge Place for Cats often uncredited work saving life after life.

We are proud to know Place for Cats.

Harvey Button
Rescue Cat
Harvey Middle Earth Monday Correspondent





The list of lives proudly saved by Place for Cats.

Leo ?#?A1014208 (Sept 22, 2014)
Pinkie Pie ?#?A1009866 (Aug 14, 2014)
Manhattan ?#?A1009075 (Aug 15, 2014)
Jake ?#?A0820749 (Aug 9, 2014)

Mother & Baby (June 16 2014)
Selena ?#?A1005696
Goldie ?#?A1005698

Litter of 3 (June 30 2014)
Sundae ?#?A1004462
Danten ?#?A1004463
Suki ?#?A1004464

Litter of 8 (June 6 2014)
Angelo (now called Scout) ?#?A1002405
Aida (now called Cali) ?#?A1002400
Ladriana (now called Puff) ?#?A1002398
Bernardo (now called Jag) ?#?A1002406
Arturo (now called Juliet) ?#?A1002404
AnnaMaria (now called Lily) ?#?A1002403
Ariana (now called Zep) ?#?A1002402
Andrea (now named Blue) ?#?A1002401

Victoria ?#?A0999415 & 3 kittens (May 14 2014)
Goldie (an earlier Goldie) ?#?A0999416
Peach ?#?A0999418
Mustard ?#?A0999417UPDAT

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