Which Badge? Will You Help Us Decide!

Which Badge? Will You Help Us Decide!

We are having some cute badges made. Our aim is to follow City the Kitty’s example. He and his mum advocate reasonably and quietly, but firmly and with conviction.

We were going to buy some but we downloaded a lovely set of fuzzy blue cat graphics and decided to try our own paws at designing a simple badge (or button).

We have two basic designs for you to vote on, and welcome any suggestions you might have, although we think this is close to as final as it gets without putting the words around the outside which seems a touch predictable.

#NeDeclaw Tail Sample No Declaw Badge Blue Cat

#NoDeclaw Words Beside the Cat

No Declaw Badge Blue Cat

As this is not a self-made graphic we cannot sell it on Zazzle, but if there is interest we might be able to order some and post when we get to the USA in April. (We have European people we can post direct to as well). They will be sized at 3 cms/1 inch and priced at approximately $3.00US/£2.00/$3.75 but no more than this.

This image will give you an idea of the badge when made by Zazzle.

No Declaw Badge Blue Cat

Choose Your Cat!

[polldaddy poll=9945139]

We will publish the results soon. Thank you everyone.

Harvey Button
Harvey Self Portrait






  1. I love that you are engaged in this initiative! When I was still a practicing vet tech, I couldn’t bring myself to work for veterinarian who still performed declaws!I voted for the “NoDeclaws beside the cat!

  2. Both are great! I like the version with No Declaw next to the cat because I think it is more noticeable and you want to get the message out to everyone!

  3. I voted for #NoDeclaw Words Beside the Cat because both the sans-serif font chosen and the placement of the font are much easier to read for me. I didn’t even see your Dash Kitten web address on the first option with the tail, but the sans-serif font on the second visual made your address stand out as a watermark. I love the fuzzy blue cat, mainly because I like how it depicts cats as warm and fuzzy creatures, which they are. Battle those prickly stereotypes all the way with this cute button!

  4. I love both of these Hashtags, especially that second one! I voted for the tail design, I think it’s so eye-catching and clever. Great button idea!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. We love badges and cats and combining them to raise awareness about declawing is a really great idea.

    From the options we voted for the #NoDeclaw beside the Blue Cat, although it would be much better if the design had the tail off to the left or right and the #NoDeclaw was clear across the top of the badge with the #PawsNeedClaws across the bottom.

    Nevertheless, we are sure that no matter what design you go with that your message will reach lots of people. Wishing you all the success that it deserves. Drop us a line when you are ready and we will help promote and support this in any way we can once our site is up and running.

  6. I LOVE the cat! For the text treatment, I prefer the “tail text” as, while a bit less legible, it’s so creative. For the tagline, though, I’d go with the more readable one from the second sample.

  7. The fuzzy blue cat is adorable. Great design and for a great cause too. I worked in a vet clinic and I saw a declawing once and the explained why she hated doing them. She said it’s like cutting off the first knuckle of your finger. I’ll take a button for sure!

  8. While I like the creativity of the text as the tail, having the text beside the cat is easier to read. It looks the the poll is going to be a close one – it was at 50/50 when I voted.

  9. Aww cute and for a great cause! My first instinct is I liked the first one with the hidden message in the tail. However the other one is nice too. I could see people visibly seeing the message easier beside the cat. Both are adorable though. I voted for the message in the tail. Good luck deciding, looks like it’s 50/50 for now!

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