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Where Do You Live? Middle-Earth Monday Results

OK where do you live? The survey is in……..

Silver here, Tech. Editor at Dash Kitten celebrating International Pet Blogging Month by reporting on our totally untechnical, curiosity driven, poll about our readers. The poll is closed and the results have been collated so read on……

You will remember we asked wide-ranging questions like “Do you live in an House, Apartment; by the Seaside, or near somewhere beautiful?” so we would get a picture of our pals live. Next time maybe we should add ‘do you use a smart phone or a computer?’ * makes a note on iPawd *

We had 100 answers, readers could select more than one response so that’s not 100 people, and we would be interested in your views and conclusions to our most unscientific research! Goggle Analytics it isn’t but it gives a fun snapshot of Dash Kitten at this moment in time!

Where Do You Live results

  • 29% of our readers answered ‘live in a house‘ and 5% in an apartment. We had five votes for Other – so we reckon people must live in accommodation that is similar but just different enough to our Apartment/House question. Maybe we should have added ‘condo’?
  • 20% of our readers voted City Kitties and 10% went for Country Cats, so many of our readers consider themselves urban dwellers, living near busy places. Next time we may add Indoor/Outdoor kitty too.
  • 12% live near mountains, lakes or beautiful places. So not an huge number but we do know Danapixie‘s kitty Tsk lives is a beautiful place called Bend, and one of the joys you find when visiting blogs is getting a window into a country you don’t know well.
  • 7% of our readers say they live on or near the Sea, and 13% live inland or a ‘landlocked’ country (one with no seashore!). We think this is a small number of responses, but interesting as we love the sea and have never lived too from water, as a family.

We think we know a lot of urban dwellers, with a scattering living near beautiful places, or near the sea, and also a few who live far away from water. If you check our post and come up with some awesome observations – let us know – as we say – this is unscientific but it’s been fun.

Silver Kitten
Tech. Editor for Where Do You Live

Silver Kitten




Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

8 thoughts on “Where Do You Live? Middle-Earth Monday Results

  1. guys…that waz a total lee fun post; we N joyed takin de pole… even if we due knot noe troo lee…. wear trout towne… iz… cept that itz knot by de waterz…. like we wood like !! insert hearts XXX

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