What is Kindness?

What is Kindness?

What is kindness? We wondered this when our Page-A-Day colouring calendar threw us this quote “Kind things I said today“.  It certainly got us thinking about humanity, communication and the gentle art of being kind.   

  • How many kind things do you say, and do, every day? Do your smile and kind words make a cat purr, or a doggy tail wag, or a human glad to know you?

What is Kindness to Your Pet, and to People?

Kindness makes us all happy! The MMMrrrrrrrEEEEeeoowwWWW of a cat as it pounces and plays with the catnip mouse it got for it’s Gotcher Day. The happy whizzing tail of a pup going at top speed when its owner is kind, and gives praise for a training session that has gone well. 

For humans, the pleasant thank you to the cashier at the supermarket reminds them there are nice people, and not everyone is Mr Grumpy who just stomped abusing the staff because he couldn’t get what he wanted.

What is Kindness Picture o Miranda Cat

What is Kindness to a Rescue?

For a rescue kindness can make the difference between life and death for a kitten who is sick. Kindness can prompt the donation that pulls the cat, or pup, from a dreadful kill shelter. [Just as the opposite will ensure the pet dies there.] 

  • Be aware of the animals in your life. Be kind to them whether they be pedigree or rescues.
  • Be aware cats need to go to the vet regularly – not when it is too late………
  • Be aware cats need to be neutered/spayed to avoid more litters of kittens ending up in high kill shelters.
  • Finally – It is unkind to insist a cat have ‘just one litter‘. This is a myth and an old wives tale.

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Be kind and conscious of your pet’s health at all times, and of the people around you. There are a host of blogs that cover pet health, and human worries, in clear and helpful detail, a favourite cat blog of ours is Pawesome Cats who we interviewed here.  

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When in doubt, be kind.

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Kindness Monitor for the DK Crew

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  1. I try to be the kind person my pets think of me as being. They always give us humans the benefit of the doubt, it’s our obligation to deliver on their expectations. Thanks for this post and for reminding us on how important kindness is to humans and also our pet companions!

  2. Only Kindness Matters! It’s so simple to give someone a warm smile or say Thank You or Have a Nice Day. It costs you nothing so why be stingy about it!? With pets, kindness is everything, especially for shelter pets. Any bit of attention they receive means so much to them and can really make a difference. That old wives tale that cats or dogs should have one litter before getting spayed is ridiculous! There is no basis for that tale and it only contributes to more un-spayed & un-neutered cats or dogs and more unwanted babies dumped into shelters. It upsets me to no end that there are some people who refuse to neuter or spay their cats or dogs! Spring is always the beginning of kitten and puppy “season” at shelters when shelters overflow with puppies and kittens and the older pets get passed over. It’s a dangerous cycle for these pets.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Kindness is so important! It doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes you have to make the choice to be kind, but such decisions often change the course of relationships. It is worth it to be kind. Pets never forget a person who is kind to them in my experience!

  4. Great and important post! You are preaching to the choir, and it’s sad that spay/neuter awareness is not as widespread as we might think it is. I’m studying legislation on the topic currently. Many cities are offering almost free services, yet some people just aren’t responsible.

  5. Kindness is definitely a virtue. I do my best to respect my pets and my pet clients every day. They’re beings too and deserve kindness and respect. SInce they devote their lives to us, isn’t that the least we can do in return?

  6. Kindness is an important attribute. I agree that spaying and neutering pets is an act of kindness. It not only helps prevent unwanted pets, but it increases the chances that the ones in the shelters won’t be passed over for a younger animal.

  7. I love “When in doubt, be kind”. I try to live by those words as well although some people probably don’t deserve it. Good rules to live by and a post I will definitely share.

  8. I try very hard to be kind and compassionate to all I meet – furry and non-furry. I believe kindness creates a ripple – it spreads and we certainly need that in this day and age.

    Oh, and that “let them have one litter” thing has always driven me crazy.

  9. One simple act of kindness may mean nothing to us, but everything to the receiver – so why not do it! Animals are always kind, so it’s only right that we are kind to them in every way – including vet visits. Great post and a wonderful reminder to embrace kindness!

  10. I believe people are often quick to criticize, but slow to compliment, so I try to focus on compliments. If I see something I like, I tell the person. Though, maybe that’s just the animal trainer in me (praise, praise, praise)!

  11. I always appreciate it when someone shows me kindness, and try to be kind to everyone (including animals) that I meet. Of course, sometimes I say the wrong thing or am thoughtless, but my heart is usually in the right place.

  12. Kindness always matters. Be kind to each other, be kind to animals, just be kind. It makes for a better world for all of us

  13. Kindness is SO important. It is one of attributes that drew me to my boyfriend. I’ll always remember when our mutual friend looked at us when we first started dating and said, “You two are so good together because you both go out of your way to do nice things for people.” He is so so so sweet to and supporting of Henry, despite (or even because of) his rescue dog baggage. I’m not trying to brag about my boyfriend, but thinking about the idea of being kind always reminds me of him 🙂 Thank you so much for spreading this message!

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