What is BlogPaws?

Let us explain what BlogPaws is, to those of you who may not have met them before, and wonder why we are making a noise about them!

Our regular readers celebrated with us when we were appointed as International Ambassadors to BlogPaws and we think all animal bloggers need to know how you can use BlogPaws to your advantage across the whole blogging spectrum. They have been a huge help on our blogging journey, and can help you too. We are including quick shortcut to BlogPaws Conference details here.

  • We are official International Ambassadors to the BlogPaws Conference and the team at Dash Kitten are compensated for helping to promote the BlogPaws Conference. We only promote things we know our readers will love and respect. We are 100% committed to honesty and your trust.

Let us explain what Blogpaws is and why you need it :-

  1. Do you microblog on Twitter?
  2. Dip into Tumblr or Reddit?
  3. Love to write maybe from a Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad platform?
  4. Work helping a rescue blog or contribute to its web site?
  5. Do you work with pets?

How BlogPaws can help YOU

BlogPaws gives you top-notch blogging information from the pet perspective. There is fresh, well written content on their website, on a regular basis, and the quality of the information presented is actionable – you can use it immediately, and easily. There is also a lively and helpful community attached to the site.

Take a look at a couple of recent posts to see how helpful the site can be.

Encouragement and help is given for working with apps such as Instagram, Periscope or Twitter, and how to make the best use of them as part of your own work. The outlook is positive and meant to enhance and complement your skills as a pet writer, rescue media staff, blogger or pet carer. BlogPaws loves good pet bloggers and goes out of their way to encourage us all.

What is the BlogPaws conference?

The conference takes your blogging power to another level. There are skill enhancement sessions, tutorials on a host of topics, and help with those bugbears (for many bloggers) SEO and Google Analytics. Whether you publish your work about pets, or as your pet, the topics offered apply across the whole blogging spectrum.

  • BlogPaws is not just for ‘bloggers’ it is for the entire pet community. For those who help pets in need and rescues, those who blog, those who use social media for their pet company.
  • The Conference is for everyone who wants to learn about writing, blogging, taking pictures, micro blogging, how to use new platforms and apps, and meeting lots of brands face to face for networking and getting yourself much better known!


Finally, a few things:-

BlogPaws site, and the community are free. They are a great place to start. The amazing Conference details are here, and you can get a discount of 10% by using our coupon code:-


BlogPaws is working on a Google Analytics post watch ut for it soon!

Dusty Cat
Senior Blogger
Dusty Small







This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.

9 thoughts on “What is BlogPaws?

  1. Love this….many thanks, Dusty. You sure covered it all and in straight order. Say… I am with da tabbies o trout towne – I can’t make heads nor tails of Google. I sure hope that Adam guy who’s coming to the conference can teach me what I need to know! See you there!

  2. dusty… dood !!! ewe iz total lee way smarter N uz… coz we haz been tryin ta analyze google now for yeerz…. & still canna figure em out !!! 🙂 insert heartz XXX

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