Weta Celebrating 20 Years

This week sees Weta, New Zealand, celebrating 20 years in the movie business. The film world did not know what was heading its way when Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Jamie Selkirk, Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger got together to create Weta a small company that would shake the movie world!

WETA Goblin

They leased a very expensive computer for one movie in the early 1990’s and the whole shebang grew from there to embrace cutting edge technology, Oscars, and a world of magic. There is a very nice presentation of Weta history here we think it’s Flash so may not work on the iPawd or iBone.

20 years in the movie business and growing all the time!

Although only a select small number work at Weta itself, the impact on New Zealand has been immense from inspiring local technological development though Weta Digital, to freelancers working with the companies Weta Workshop and Digital, and boosting tourism into New Zealand’s second biggest earner behind agriculture.

People come from all over the world to visit Hobbiton (Mata Mata) and the many cruise ships that visit Wellington always have a group of fans wanting to visit the Weta Cave on their stopover. 

WETA Lurtz and Gandalf (Scale Models)

Seen a movie with special effects this year? The chances are Weta has something to do with it, offering their expertise or skills or computer technology so that the director can make our dreasm (or nightmares) come true.

How do you celebrate 20 years in the movie business?

WETA are celebrating with a special book set which is luxury beyond our wildest dreams! We can admire it and the gorgeous presentation, and its weight of 7.3 lbs/3.3kgs!

The DashKitten crew all wish Weta a Happy Birthday and may their success continue to benefit New Zealand.

WETA Armour displayed at the Workshop

Harvey Button
WETA 20 years in the movie business
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  1. Woohoo, Aunty … this is fantabulous! Nan & Pop are HUGE Peter Jackson fans – they were hooked in 1987 with Peter’s brilliant creation Bad Taste *Nan can be heard cheering in the background* In fact, Nan lived in the same area as Peter in Wellington during her high school years, even worked part time for The Evening Post while Peter was working there but they never met (that she can remember, anyway). He’s such a talented man and what a massive contribution he and the Weta Workshop peeps have made to not just New Zealand’s film industry but the entire world’s! *APPAWS APPAWS*

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