Welcome to Armageddon 2017, New Zealand Style

Welcome to Armageddon 2017, New Zealand Style

Welcome to Armageddon 2017! Dash Kitten staff visited one of the ‘must see’ events of the year in Wellington, the fantasy and cosplay show – Armageddon Expo.

Mum is a fantasy fan, and visiting to see the enthusiasts in costume is something she loves. Let’s take a look at what was happening this year.

Armageddon 2017 is a Hot Ticket here in Wellington!

The events here are smaller than the American versions, simply because NZ is a smaller country! BUT the imagination and commitment of fans is immense, and the competition for cosplay prizes gets more intense each year. 

There are teams of retailers who cater to every demand from Pop figures to serious armour to fantasy artists and authors.  People soak up the excitement and the atmosphere for three days over the Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend, here in New Zealand, The event really brightens the start of New Zealand’s chilly winter! 

Cute Armageddon Anime Character
Foxy Anime poses for Dash Kitten

Highlights of the Armageddon 2017 Expo?

  • Fantasy writer Russell Meek was there promoting the latest volume in his imaginative and exciting Khalada Stone Series. This would make an awesome series for Netflix, so we hope someone takes notice! The book and ebooks are widely available, including on Amazon Smile. 
  • Anthony Christou was promoting the Kickstarter for his book of superb artwork, check it out hereAnthony has signed a copy of his Cheshire Cat for our Friday giveaway!
  • Dazzling caricaturist Greg Varcoe did a wonderful lightning sketch of Mum in five minutes – see it here
  • Meeting the youngsters developing their computer games, including Interdimensional llama (Twitter, Web). Their website is just a page at the moment but keep your eye on this team – their game has real potential! 

Cosplay Fun at Armageddon 2017 

One of the most interesting and eye catching parts of the expo, is the selection costumes worn by many of the fans. The quality ranged from ‘shoestring’ budget to $$ extravagance, and everywhere you saw a witch, wizard, or cute figure with pink or green hair! 

The whole genre is called Cosplay (or Costume Play) and people dress up as their favourite hero, or villain, or even a Harry Potter character. Getting pictures was a challenge but we hope we captured a flavour of the event’s magic in our slideshow.

Cosplay is a serious business and the standards are very high, especially in Japan, home of Manga and Anime, and the annual World Cosplay Championships

Excitement and Fun with Cosplay

We hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into this odd, but much loved, corner of New Zealand life. The love and enthusiasm for fantasy is boundless and the enthusiasm for this side of Japanese life grows all the time. We have another insight into Japan with a cat art post early next week – keep your eyes open for that one! 

Miranda Kitten
Armageddon Expo 2017 Reporter
Pet Blogger Miranda at Armageddon 2017






  1. Our unfurbros are into that Manga and Anime stuff…us not so much, MOL! Looks like you had a furtastic time!

  2. Excellent post, I loved the review last year and wish I could see it in the flesh, as it were. I have to remind myself that you are starting your winter and we starting, allegedly, our summer!
    Have a great week.
    Purrs, Erin

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