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Wear Orange for Crockett Day

Wear Orange for Crockett Day

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Orange cat portrait

Today would have been ginger Crockett’s fifth Gotcher Day so please join us to remember Crockett and his fur sibs Travis and Angelique. Travis said in Brian’s Thankful Thursday hop that Chewy.com had sent flowers and I know the gesture will be so much appreciated.

We are celebrating Wear Orange for Crockett Day by sharing some of our own loved and loving ginger cats. All gingers are special and some shine out like Crockett a young cat full of mischief and fun. He will be celebrated, and he will never be forgotten.

Memorial graphic Crockett

Our Ginger Cat Tribute

Ginger cats are special and never last long in rescues because they are in such demand and get adopted pretty fast. You might not need to create much of a rescue appeal for the handsome ginger at your local shelter!

I want to celebrate one treasured ginger life with my own, and a few things I discovered that make cats like Crockett to very special.

Jack the solar eczema cat
Gingers love to help you read
Ginger cats have a fun loving side
Ginger cats have a fun loving side

I didn’t realise that there are different shades of ginger cat. Did you? It’s something called Pheomelanin and the amount of ginger = intensity of your ginger ninja.

Crockett In Memoriam
Crockett In Memoriam. Pipo’s mom

Ginger Cats like Crockett Have Different Coat Patterns

I dug deeper into gingers, after all, I have two of my own here in New Zealand. They can have swirled, mackerel, spotted, ticked or patched coats. Now I am going to have to follow my gingers around to work out their coats too. I bet Crockett would suggest a little bacon instead.

If you have a ginger cat, or if you have any cat that has captured your heart, celebrate with us. Crockett was a wonderful young man cat and his family miss him terribly.

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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7 thoughts on “Wear Orange for Crockett Day”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to precious Crockett! We still can’t believe that little guy is gone 🙁

  2. That’s a wonderful tribute to sweet Crockett. We’re sending gentle purrs and prayers to his family.

  3. A lovely guy, and will be missed so very much.
    You really can’t beat a ginger dude, and Crocket had street cred as well as charm and good looks in spades.
    We’ll miss him loads and the world has lost a little gem.
    Lots of purrs to his family
    ERin & Mrs H


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