Six Ways to Really Annoy Your Readers

Six Ways to Really Annoy Your Readers

We have six ways to really annoy your blog readers. Can you guess what they are? Yep, we have ways to set your fans running away from your blog – fast! 

Our editor (Miranda) gets fierce if we mess up. So this week, instead of telling you what we believe works for blogs, we look at some things that will not encourage your readers to stick around! Let’s spotlight some ‘blogging misdemeanours’ we have come across and hope you enjoy our mini workshop on remaining friends with your blog readers for a long time!

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Blog Readers will thank you if you DON’T :-

  1. Have a small sneaky already ‘pre-checked’ opt-in under your post. People subscribe if they want to – not if you force them.  If they miss the opt-out and start getting updates from your site – their first reaction might be a negative one.
  2. Appeal for subscribers with a BIG  screen wide banner across the top of your page, or as a screen filling pop-up. This lacks elegance, and interrupts people’s enjoyment, especially if you do a stunning job otherwise on your blog!
  3.  If you want an appeal that might not make them leave your site fast, try a small discrete pop-down at the bottom of the screen!
  4. Please, don’t have text that bounces, or sweeps in across the page. Not only is it unreadable, it’s unbelievable and, yes, this one really happened to us!
  5. Don’t have too many social share buttons. It’s a balance we all work to get right – Too Many Is Too Much! When in doubt start with your most productive social media channels and add from here.
  6. Don’t bully people into leaving comments. A genuine question is fine, anything else looks like contrived, false and makes people feel manipulated. 

These are some of the more extreme tactics we encountered, and you will rarely find them on a pet blog. Pop-ups need to be handled well – and some people do them well, but most are amateurish and truly annoying to the reader looking for information.

Be confident, you don’t need too many tricks.

Now, we shared our bugbears but I reckon there are plenty more – if you have one to share, be our guest in the comments!

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  1. Totally agree. I hate popups so much. And I would also add one thing: ads that cover half of the screen on mobile and are placed in almost every part of the desktop website so it is hard to even focus on the content.

  2. Great post and I totally agree! Pop ups are the worst!! And I really hate blogs that make you jump through hoops just to leave a comment. I understand SPAM can be annoying, but captcha’s drive me nuts. Pick out which three items are trees, enter these 4 letters and numbers…

  3. Silver i struggle with even the basics hahah let alone fancy shmancy stuff 🙂 and i agree i like peeps to comment if they want..or not.supposed to be fun here in bogville 🙂 and pee ess Brian..your moving bits on your blog are informative and helpful 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx
    Bev Green recently posted…Tuesday TockumentaryMy Profile

  4. Ugh! Yes! “They” say that annoying as they are, pop ups work… but I’m not so sure about that in our community. I think ours tends to see it as more of an annoyance. If I want to make an appeal for people to subscribe to my newsletter, I just flat out ask or add it as an option to a giveaway.
    Summer recently posted…I Give Mirror Kitty a Talking To!My Profile

  5. silver….we iz knot sure we wood even noe how ta add a pop up….we iz knot veree tech sav vee ~~~~ insert heartz XXX ~~~~~ { but now if ya wanna talk fishin bait !!!! }

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