Video Challenge For Dash Kitten Readers

Video Challenge For Dash Kitten Readers

We have news of a video challenge on the Dash Kitten blog!

The Dash Kitten Crew are big video fans, as our readers know, and we love adding everything from our famous Driving Mr Dusty series to longer sponsored videos. We are also proud that one of our videos was a finalist in the BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Awards earlier this year.

  • As our Nose to Nose Finalist video was shot on an iPhone 4S, we know you can do videos as well. We want to encourage you all to get busy!
Video Challenge
Cat Moms and Dads!

So What’s with the Video Challenge Idea?

We know that many people would love to try their hand at making a video, but often need a bit of encouragement. So we thought a challenge for readers – whether you blog or not might be fun. Dog moms, Cat dads, Rat parents….

The rules will be simple. Mum is working on them now, but thinks the guidelines will be:

  • A video of under two minutes, on an easy ‘theme’, all your own work, with the movie camera of your choice. All species welcome. All small hand-held cameras and phones welcome.
  • There may be a prize (we are working on it)….

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We know lots of our friends can do this – and want to provide a fun and safe place for you to show your work. Whether you post videos on YouTube or Vimeo, or even one minute marvels on Instagram. We are working on how to get them displayed outside IG as we can’t put them on a blog yet.

Video Challenge
Dog Mums and Dads TOO!!

Our Video Challenge Survey

So, we would love your help in working out the best place, to host the Challenge. We want everyone to be able to enjoy and view the videos submitted and cheer on everyone from Newbies to Pro’s! NOTE:

  • [We also hope to launch the challenge linked to our new movie making e-book in August.]

This is our first challenge so your feedback, and ideas would be welcome, oh and the survey should be open for a whole week (while we work on the e-book!). Once the survey closes you can still leave a comment.

Silver Kitten
Video Challenge Organiser

Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat

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  1. I’m lucky to get a decent picture … I haven’t even contemplated video! Then again, I always told myself I’d improve my photography later and later didn’t come until I was two years into blogging. I’d love to try!

  2. Video definitely gets more engagement I’ve noticed. I need to work on adding more video to my blogs. People definitely want information fast and often times don’t want to read when they can listen and watch. Look forward to seeing the challenge details when they come out.

  3. We might give it a try…but we don’t do much else than blogs, so that is where we would like to see/post them.
    Do these have to be of current furs? We have a few older ones but have not evfur posted any of them in our blog.
    We have to convince petcretary that she needs to learn something new…to purrvent brain stagnation, MOL!!!

  4. I love this idea. I am determined to incorporate video into more of my posts. My 11 year old human daughter is quite good and even made the video I added to my post today. I’m hoping she will teach me all her skills!

  5. I think that sounds like a lot of fun. I really like the 2-minute mark. One of my goals is to make shorter videos. I tend to do behavior topic videos, so they are long, but I think shorter ones would be nice. Thanks for the push!

  6. guyz…thiz eye dea soundz awesum !!! we think it wood be a grate two host it rite heer on yur own blog; we dunno how to upload mooveez, but mum doez, sew may bee yur blog could post say may bee two ore three a day….wunder if that wood werk ? we have videe oh on both eye fone & eye pad pluz sum saved frum a while bak, we could try & send one in if ya want ! insert heartz XXXX

  7. Hi all. Wow, this this sounds like a great adventure project. A bit like the pet Oscars! I don’t know how it works but we would sure like to have a try….. but I do need to get the Palace smartened up a bit before we do any filming!

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