How To Use The TABCAT Locator Review and Movie

How To Use The TABCAT Locator Review and Movie

Tabcat cat locator is a small, accurate cat tracker. You will love our comprehensive review where we answer a lot of questions that you want answers to. NOTE: It works as a small dog tracker too!

  •  Tabcat. Is one of our top cat product reviews this year. We are impressed and you will be too, so we invite you to read on.

We received a complimentary Tabcat Tracker set for review. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers and believe us, you will want to hear about the Tabcat! 

Lost and Missing Cats

Cats need to be identifiable, and locatable, inside and outside – as much as possible. Yes, indoor cats can disappear for what seems like forever, so chipping can play a critical part in identifying your pet if they stray further away.

We want to introduce you to one of the most exciting cat developments in cat locators. For every pet parent who has real cat ‘finding’ issues, the best cat locator is this one. It has a good garden, or house range and really works. 

What is the Tabcat Cat Locator?

The Tabcat location system is sophisticated technology on a friendly and human scale. This is most definitely not an interactive cat toy, it is a serious piece of safety equipment every pet parent will be interested in for cats who wander. It is not a substitute for a microchip, it is another defence for every pet parent against missing cats or theft.

  • It is simple to set up, and super easy to use. A big bonus with this pet tracker is no monthly fee.

For an idea of the dimensions, and a fun sample of how cat location works, check our video! Each tag is linked to the handset in a simple one step procedure, and there is room for up to four tags (4 cats or 4 items) on one handset.

Click here to check out the TabCat range (USA)

The basic set contains:-

  • A slimline Handset. The handset is about the size of a credit card – slender and lightweight. We keep ours by the back door.
  • Two Tags
  • Shower proof Covers for the tags. These also attach the tags to collars and we have found them really useful.
  • An illustrated User Guide that is easy to use, with an online copy on Tabcat website.
  • Note:- Spare tags, and covers are available for a modest extra cost from Tabcat.
Cat Locator Tabcat Tracker Display box
The Tabcat Set Ready for use. Note the four available buttons on the handset – room for four cat tags.

 How the Tabcat Cat Locator Can Help

Here’s an example of when a Tabcat could have saved worry and stress. It’s our experience with our much-loved senior cat Peanut, a couple of years ago.:-

Peanut, (18) went out into the garden, and took a wrong turn. Thankfully the weather was warm BUT when we realised she had gone, we were frantic with worry. Disorientated, Peanut was discovered behind the garage safe and well!  BUT With a Tabcat locator we would have discovered Peanut in less than a minute!

A similar scenario might play out in a multi-level house, or an apartment with several rooms and plenty of hiding places. This lightweight radio frequency tracker is worth its weight in pure top grade catnip.


Cat Locator The TABCAT tracker Back view of cat wearing the tag
Silver wearing his Tabcat Tag fitted to his collar.

Isn’t the Tabcat Homing Tag Big for a Cat?

This was our first question when fitting the tags to Silver, Jack (ginger) and Natasha (tuxedo) who appear in the video. Each has a tag on their collar, and none of them shows any sign of irritation, or even acknowledging the tag is there. It’s business as usual for the cats at Dash Kitten. 

This quote from MyTabCat gives you an idea of how much a cat tracking device should weigh:-

“A study** carried out in New Zealand and published in 2015, looked at the impact of collar-mounted track devices on domestic cats. They recorded cats wearing GPS tracking devices weighing between 30g and 130g, and looked to understand the devices impact behaviour and movement. They concluded that GPS collars on cats; “should be no more than 2% of body mass”. For an average cat weighing 4kg, this equates to 8g. – Tabcat **

A Tabcat Cat Tracker tag is only 6 grams, so a GPS Cat Tracking device at 30g is approximately five times the weight of the Tabcat Tag.  [US weight conversion 4kg – 8.8 pounds approx.]

Cat Locator
Our Affiliate Link takes you straight to the TabCat store! Click the image.

How does the Tabcat finder work?

The handset is an RF Tracker this means ‘Radio Frequency’ (2.4ghz). It is very accurate, and sends a direct signal between you and the tag when you operate the handset. This close transmission signal keeps battery use low, so the tag battery lasts a lot longer.

The increased accuracy of radio frequency tracking, to within 2.5cms/1 inch, means the rapid location of a cat trapped in a cupboard or small space. By contrast, GPS devices need charging more often as the device triangulates with at least three satellites 12,000 miles, or 19,000 kms away. 

How Far Can A Cat Tracker Reach?

The tracker signal reaches about 120 metres or 400 feet, and, unlike many GPS units, it can scan through a house or a wall. We have been able to successfully locate Silver and Natasha by standing still, turning on the tracker, and then turning in a slow circle until we find their tag signal, inside and outside our house.

The tracker reaches across neighbouring gardens, through trees and bush. It will not reach through a hill – this is too solid, which seems reasonable to us!

Tabcat Cat Locator Tracker collar and tag

Are we happy with our Tabcat Cat Locator?

Yes, definitely! The technology is human friendly and easy to use, yet it is amazingly sophisticated. We are so happy we have the Tabcat.  We could not be more impressed, and reassured! The Tabcat is everything you need, for an economical, low maintenance price. The Tabcat packaging is also amongst the best we have come across, robust and secure. The box will keep your tags super safe until they reach your home. 

Most importantly for us as cat owners, Tabcat allows our garden loving cats to be located with ease and speed. On a dark night, standing in the garden we can’t see much, but with the Tabcat tracker, the cats become easier to locate. We no longer have to scrabble through flower beds to find a missing fur family member who does not want to come indoors!  

The Cost of the Best Tracker for Pets?

  • USA Basic Handset with tags and waterproof cases (this is our special affiliate link)

We hope you have enjoyed our Tabcat review, and find it as exciting as we do. This is the best cat tracker ever and a worthwhile investment for every cat parent. When we lost Natasha’s collar

Stop worries about a missing cat, check out Tabcat now. We would not be without ours cat locators and the reassurance they give.

The Dash KittenCrew
Tabcat Tracker fans
Team Dash Kitten





Reference used :-**Weighed down by science: do collar-mounted devices affect domestic cat behaviour and movement? Cayley E. Coughlin and Yolanda van Heezik Department of Zoology, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand. Published in Wildlife Research 20/03/15.


The Best Cat Locator TABCAT Helps Find A Missing Cat. Indoor or outdoor cats can go missing. At those scary times you need a super efficient way to find your cat. Meet Tabcat.
  1. Growing up, I lived in a big old house with three stories and a basement and all kinds of nooks and crannies where the cats loved to hide. Every once in a while, Buttercup would disappear for an extra long time, which was always a little unnerving. While we typically would find her on the top shelf of the linen closet or snoozing in a laundry basket, there were a few times when she found a way into the wall of the attic and this would have been a great gadget for finding her before the panic set in. Great review of a really cool product!

  2. We are not in favor of kitties being outdoors unsupervised…that said…this collar can be a great help for feline guardians should they find their cat gone missing. Unfortunately, as indoor cats, we have never worn collars and are unwilling to allow them to be placed on us. Your review is thorough and well done

  3. This is amazing! Our hearts break every time we hear about a cat lost in our neighborhood, where our cats are indoor cats. But, sometimes they get out and you see their posters on telephone poles. This product could help find those lost cats and I’ll do all I can to share this. Thanks! Love Dolly

  4. Interesting product … I assumed it worked on GPS. I like the idea, though my cat doesn’t wear a collar and doesn’t go outside (yet – she is getting more and more curious). My first step is to get a microchip but if she does start bolting outside, I’ll need a more clear identifier like this.

  5. That’s a great safety device if a cat sneaks out of the house. I had to laugh at it saying showerproof cover. I know what they mean, but just visualized a kitty in the shower. Glad it’s easy to set up.

  6. As you know we’re against letting cats out, especially in the city. Someone poisoned some of the cats in one of our colonies recently. This would be good during a move IF the at in question would wear a collar. I won’t have it.

  7. This sounds like a great product. I’ve seen a lot of these tracker types, but so many have monthly or yearly fees associated with them, so it’s nice that this one doesn’t! I guess the trade off is that it might not reach as far, but I’m sure it is still beneficial.

  8. I have a lot of friends who have cats and am a cat lover, too. This looks like something that every cat parent should consider purchasing. It would be beneficial to give the pet parent peace of mind and keep cats safe. Well done!

  9. The TabCat sounds pretty great! I think we could really use this for Rosie. She doesn’t go outside, but she sadly is losing her hearing. Sometimes I call her for dinner and she doesn’t hear me and I go searching around the house for her. I worry that I might not be able to find her in an emergency – this would certainly help.

  10. I saw this video clip before and think this is a great product. Imagine how helpful this would be in an emergency where people need to evacuate and get out of the house (ie:fire drill) Now you never have to worry “where is fluffy!”

  11. This seems like a great device, cats can be so hard to find, even when they are just in the next room! I know of a cat who was accidentally locked in the garage while the owner was away. The pet sitter couldn’t find the cat. He never meowed or scratched, but thankfully, the owner returned home the next day. The cat was fine, but it was scary for all involved.

  12. This sounds really cool for anyone who lets their cats outdoors–personally I keep mine in the house, and it’s a small house. I wonder if they have this for dogs–while ours are also house dogs, my Dachshund likes to slip out the door if we ever give him a chance. Price seems very reasonable for what you are getting.

  13. This is a great safety device. Cats often don’t have enough identification or any tracking so this is kind of a game changer. Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. This sounds like a great product. We are actually just starting to let our girl outside because she screams at the backdoor when we are out playing with the dog. She is about 8 years old and we never liked the idea of letting her outside — but with something like this our fears of her getting away are put aside! Great review…..and thank you for sharing so much information!

  15. Very cool product! I can think of an instance when it would have been super handy to have this! When we moved into our house about a year and a half ago, we put all of the cats down in the basement as we were moving furniture and boxes in and out. That was the safest place for them, as no one would accidentally let them outside, and it was a big open room with nothing for them to get into. Or so I thought. Sampson managed to somehow climb the cement brick wall and hide up on top of the AC duct work. When I went down to check on them, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I called him, tried to lure him with treats, nothing worked. I thought he had magically gotten out or had squirmed inside the duct work or something. I was pretty frantic. Finally after about 30 minutes of looking for him, my mom spotted two eyes up near the ceiling atop the duct work. What a relief. The TabCat could have saved me a lot of heartache! Thanks for the great review, guys. Your video was awesome too!

  16. If my cats went outside I would definitely get one of these. I’m hoping to move to the suburbs within the next year, and maybe I’ll be able to take them out on a leash. I’ll be investing in one then for sure.

  17. What a fantastic product! Both my cats are indoor cats, but you never know when they can slip outside, especially if you have workers in your house that are not used to keeping doors closed! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Bear spends 99.99% of his time indoors so I haven’t given him a collar. It seems that the general consensus in the cat blogging community is that even indoor cats should have collars just in case. So when I got the chance to try out the TabCat, I finally had the kick in the behind to buy Bear a collar. You are right … the collar disk is lightweight. I’m truly impressed so far! Even better? Bear doesn’t seem to mind the collar much after I took the bell it came with off 🙂

    1. You should be able to unbuckle part of the harness and slip the tag, in its rainproof coat, onto the bit you unbuckle. The cover is quite flexible.

  19. Oh my mouses! If I’m not careful, the peeps’ll be puttin’ one of these trackin’ devices on me. I believe Peep #1 threatened to do somethin’ like that last year, right after the incident with that spider and… Um… I’m gonna have to be on my best behaviour, for sure. MOUSES!


    PS. I tried to share this post on FB but the link was showin’ up as just a general link to your blog and not this post. That’s not normal, is it? purrs

  20. Condolences are not just an expression of sympathy, they are not just words – they are expression of true feelings. Thank you for sharing my pain.
    With Much Love
    Barb (Nellie’s Mommy)

  21. That does look interesting but we have never gotten used to wearing collars. Great review and lots to think about!

  22. I love this! Everything is so easy, small and compact! From the review alone I’d say this was ticking all the boxes when it comes to the best pet tracker! Great Review, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    Purrs, Erin

  23. That looks like a great product, the gps collars for dogs are huge. Price is good too. Plus no subscription costs.

  24. This would also be good for me on trips – my human always worries when she leaves me in my hotel room that something might happen and I’ll get out while she’s gone. This way, if anything did happen, I would be easy to find!

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