Hashtag on Fire – Grabbing Headlines for Your Event

Hashtag on Fire – Grabbing Headlines for Your Event

Set that hashtag on fire! Join us while we show how your own hashtags, and sharing, can give an event or announcement a big boost, maybe even help it go viral! Effective hashtag use can help you promote a sponsored post, or share your experience and excitement of an event worldwide. Relevant hashtags can also give your own online presence a boost. 

Hashtags on Fire

Why share an event hashtag? 

We were lucky to be able to attend the BlogPaws® conference in 2016. Previously, we relied on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram shares of our friends and colleagues lucky enough to be there.

The difference their sharing made to us cannot be underestimated – we felt included and involved, especially when a sharer responded directly to us either then, or later (when they had time!)  This year we repaid the generosity of conference buddies by sharing on our own social media channels. 

People can’t attend events for lots of reasons; work commitments, lack of funds, emergencies, or simply a fear of flying, and they appreciate the insights, news and information attendees at an event share. Those of you ‘on the ground’ can share a speaker or sponsor’s special announcements, and your tweet or share could be the one to take the news to thousands around the world.

Other Reasons Hashtags Matter

  • “Hashtags are really effective for shared interests, and incredibly important in the work with lost & found pets across all social media. They enable us to tap into audiences in specific locations, and conversations about events taking place near where a pet was last seen. These special interest groups are always keen to help a lost, stolen, found or adoptable pet in their community.” quote from @WherePetsAreFound.


Hashtag of Fire! Isn’t it ‘showing off’…..?

Showing off? Heck no. Followers are excited when bloggers take time to share their images, videos and live video from events. From social media focused BlogPaws, to Harry Potter fandom event #LeakyCon, or technology focused South by Southwest® #SXSW, actually seeing the sponsors stands in the exhibition halls, images of a speaker in action, or reading nuggets of their inspiring wisdom is exciting! Not only may your tweet go around the world, your online friends and colleagues will remember you as a generous sharer.

TIP:- If you are on Twitter make sure to complete your important ‘bio’. Need help? Check here.

Hashtag on Fire! Tips to help you go Viral

  • Is there a specific event hashtag, find it and use it. An example is the BlogPaws event – the hashtag is #BlogPaws
  • Make your image a thrilling, or exciting one. No, this doesn’t mean perfection or focus – capturing a magical moment and sharing # matters.
  • Remember your focus audience if you blog. #Catlovers? #Doglovers? #ComputerGeeks?
  • Don’t overdo hashtags. We recommend a three tag limit on Twitter, and more for Instagram.
  • On Twitter? Keep a column open specifically for the hashtag so you don’t miss exciting news, and so you can respond.
  • Use Bitly to shrink a long link. Chck out How to use Bitly, and Customising Bitly
  • Respect a speakers copyright when taking a picture of a slideshow. As a personal reminder it’s awesome but – don’t share without permission.

Hashtag on Fire

If you attended a cool event like #BlogPaws, Global Pet Expo, or Barkworld; please share the fun, the news and your discoveries. Remember that on the other side of the world, a blogger dreams of standing beside you one day, and, until their dreams come true, your shares will inspire them.

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Tech Editor and Hashtags on Fire Reporter
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  1. Great post. There are sites that actually list trending hashtags if you want to get in on a subject that is getting a lot of traction at that particular moment. I hope folks who are just delving into the world of social media and blogging find this informative post!

  2. Great lesson! After these last few years of blogging, I’m finally starting to understand hashtags. I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. LOL This gives me some ideas for making my use of hashtags even more strategic. 🙂

  3. This is helpful! I often wonder if I’ve shared too much about a conference and whether or not people are really interested in seeing pics of exhibitors.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. Thanks for the tips! I help create events and do digital marketing for the pet store company I work for. We will need to create a hashtag for our next event!

  5. Love this article thanks for sharing! I do always use hashtags, but after reading this I feel like I’m being a bit robotic about it, rather than taking my time in selecting the best ones. I will definitely pay closer attention. Thanks!!

  6. These are great tips! I try to use hashtags in all of my social posts. Not just any hashtag but those that are trending and have the top or highest amount of posts. Wish I was able to make it to Blog Paws this year to join you. Have fun! It is a great conference with amazing pet loving people!

  7. Oh what great reminders before we all head off to Blog Paws! This is fantastic and now I’m getting super excited and better get my social plan in place for the event.

  8. Those are some great tips! I don’t know if I’ll be at BlogPaws this year, but if I am I’ll be sure to share my experiences through social media. By the way, which social media channel(s) do you recommend for a conference like BlogPaws if I only want to post to 1 or 2 different channels.

  9. silver….we look for werd to reedin all bout what ewe & mum see at blogpaws !! we noe it will be an awesum time 🙂

    insert heartz XXX

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