USA National Coloring Book Day

USA National Coloring Book Day

Welcome to our National Coloring Book Day feature!

You will note that we have spelled colouring the American way as coloring in honour of our friends across the pond, as it is largely thanks to our USA readers that we know and celebrate an event that has recently taken on more importance as ordinary folks look for ways to relax. If you can’t understand the attraction of colouring, let us try to explain…….

Some people cope well with the pressures and stress of daily life. They manage the constant mental adjustments needed to navigate life and its challenges – they are pretty awesome – right? *sighs* Then there are those of us who, sometimes, find life throws us a curveball which means we need something to reassure us that we will not be overwhelmed.

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Enter the adult colouring book!

From their start in the 1970’s coloring books have developed and expanded to include an amazing range of subjects from our favourite cats to calming mandalas, wise owls, beautiful flowers, fine art and natural history. Artists like BZTAT, and companies like Creative Haven provide top quality opportunities to color. They are widely available, and you can find a great selection on Amazon Smile.

How to Brighten Your National Coloring Book Day

For the beginner colourist we suggest perhaps just a few pencils, and the free dowloadable coloring book available from Dover to celebrate National Coloring Book Day – give it a try! The link will also help you find a local coloring group to meet with like-minded people!

You do not need to spend a lot of money. We like Prismacolor and Inktense pencils, as well as markers. Here are some of the things you can use to color in, check out your local shop, or online retailers.

Thick and Thin Marker Pens
Graphite and Colored Pencils
Soluble Watercolour Pencils
Wax Crayons (like Crayola) 
Water Soluble Crayons

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National Coloring Book Day – What do I Use?

Your ‘medium‘, which is your choice of coloring materials, will affect how your colouring looks, as will the amount of time you can spend. Here’s a couple of examples of using your coloring time :-

If you have half an hour at the end of the day – vivid markers will give your spirits the relaxing boost they need, you will fill your time with life enhancing colour swiftly and color with a smile. Markers work fast so you get a quick color fix!

If you can sit down for an hour in front of the TV, then you may like to indulge in a few coloured pencils that you can layer, and mix, allowing your mind to focus totally on your work, forgetting daily stress.

National Coloring Book Day
BZTAT® Coloring Page Using Markers – still in progress!

Remember! There are no rules.

Whether you color within the lines, outside the lines, with crayons, with pencils, by yourself, or with company. The point is to relax, and enjoy a few moments of peace with no boss growling over your shoulder.  Set aside your worries for a while. and colour in!

Miranda Kitten
National Coloring Book Day Reporter
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  1. Mom has colored all her life, and is so happy that it is making a resurgence with so many coloring books from which to select. She had a credit at Barnes & Noble and so ordered three new ones today….always cats, of course! She likes markers best as the colors are so vivid. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Way back when, when Peep #1 was young… Yes, she was young once. Of course, there were dinosaurs roamin’ the Earth then but anyway… Way back when, Peep #1 used to LOVE to colour! Don’t know why she hasn’t started up doin’ so again. Purrs, Seville.

  3. waves two ewe miranda !! we getted de food service gurl a catz book last yeer for santy paws day….sew far her haz made one page for boomer, one for dai$y, cuzin dobie & herz werkin on one for tuna !!! 🙂 insert hearts XXX

  4. Darn it! We missed celebrating this wonderful holiday today! I have a couple of cat adult coloring books and LOVE them! It is so relaxing. So far I’ve only used markers, but I’d like to start experimenting with colored pencils so I can shade/layer.

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